Thursday, March 7, 2013

Long time no blog part #...

Ok, I lost count. I'm not really sure what part number this should be. I do know however that I have missed it. I just haven't had, or perhaps made, the time to stop and blog. I feel that I've been busy. Not the kind of busy that makes you want to curl up in a ball in a locked closet and cry. But the joyful kind. Busy but content. Does that even make sense to anyone but me? Anyway, as normal the house is semi-cleaned, the laundry 99%(ok, 89%) done, and the kids are as messy and as happy as ever. We are currently in the steady cycle of night shift with my husband's work. Which means being quite is harder than most days. I did however successfully clean/helped clean the kids bedrooms today. My sweetie hasn't waken yet, so I will deem this a successful mission! Wait...some one is jumping on the bed while someone else is banging on the window to get the dog's attention.....Ok, I'm back. See, so hard to be quite.
*not my picture*
Do you think I could hang my kids from the line like this?
I kid...I kid...maybe...

We are anxiously awaiting spring. It is weird to me that Daylight Savings time is this weekend. Why is it so early this year? I am ready for longer days if it means the kids can get outside more and run out their built up winter energy. I am beyond ready to get my hands in some soil! I need to plant something and watch it grow. I also need sunshine. I feel as though I look like a ghost. I need Vitamin C. Not to mention I need lots and lots of sunshine so I can hang out my clothes on the line.  I'm beginning to think I'm old fashioned. I'm not against it. Simplifying my life? I say bring it on! Also, my  Sweetie Pie asks me on a daily basis if it is time to go swimming yet. When I tell her sweet summer loving self, "No, not yet." She says, "Ok, well how about the sprinkler." She's persistent!  :)

Speaking of this sweet girl. I just enrolled her in Kindergarten. How in the world did that happen? She is super excited to learn how to read. She knows all the letter sounds and when she is helped can sound out small words with no issues. She loves it when Sweet Pea helps her out. Until, Sweet Pea corrects her when she doesn't "need" help. Then we have all kinds of attitudes. We are going to home school again this year. We all have really enjoyed the freedom we have with home schooling. We can do the work in the mornings, in the afternoons, or at night. This works out rather well when Daddy is on night shift. We get to eat a big lunch with him and spend time with him during the day. At night, after he leaves, we do our school work. The way his schedule falls, if they were in public school, the kids would never get to see their Daddy. This makes me happy that we can bend our schedules and still be a family together. :)

*not my image*

Speaking of family time, we are about to have a lot more of it. We made the decision to be a....Duh, duh, duh....Cable/dish free family for a while. Maybe forever. Who knows? We had cut back on our TV viewing time. Especially when doing school work. Starting next year, we will be adding Sweetie Pie to the home school mix as well as The Boy with some pre-K work. So, that would be even more time with the TV off. Not to mention, the ridiculous  amount of what we call "non-view-able" shows. We have no desire to watch shows with nude people, extreme foul language, or an obscene amount of violence and gore. Even the news is depressing and almost unviewable. I have no desire to watch that mess and I absolutely have no desire for my children to walk in and see or hear it. Sometimes, we were more concerned with our shows than spending time with our kids. The only "family" shows that were ever on, were on the Disney channel. Turns out we get all of those shows on Netflix. We are keeping our extremely inexpensive Netflix and got rid of Dish all together. The few shows we do watch are on the networks website for free the next day. The news is also on the internet...for free. So we were actually paying for nothing. So here's to saving money and bringing the family closer together! We are currently on day 3. We have yet to kill each other or have withdrawals  Mostly.( Ok, I kind of miss HGTV.)  It's also not as loud as has been known to get around here. That's a plus! (Oh, how I wish House Hunters was on Netflix!) Ok, I'll  survive. I think. Maybe

Micah and I were talking and decided that the Fowler Family are officially Conservative Hippies!  Hanging out my clothes, eating things that we grow, no cable, home school, saving money, me being a homemaker,  anti-big government, loving God and life....Yup, Conservative Hippie.  I think I'll take it!

It's almost the weekend, chin up! Happy Thursday!

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