The Family

Sometimes known as the Fowler Circus. Why? Well, our kids are ages 7, 5, and 4. Any more questions? :) There is never a dull moment in this house or outside of it for that matter. There is always someone crying, being a drama queen, whining, being a tattle tale, running, screaming. You know the usual. But, even more important is that there is usually at least one or more child at any given time praying, praising God, dancing, singing, laughing, loving, being joyful, and overall enjoying the small things and the big things that come in their life. This is my family. In a word they are, exceptional.

This is the Mr. He is such an awesome man. He loves God. He is the head of our house. He is a hard worker. He treats me like a Queen. He treats our kids like a prince and princesses.  This is a man of integrity. He has the best sense of humor. There is rarely a day that goes by that he doesn't have me and the kids in stitches from laughing so hard.  He is an excellent cook. He loves the beach and Alabama football. (Yes, he converted me from an Auburn fan to an Alabama fan. Thank you sweetie!) He is my best friend. He makes me happy. He makes me smile and I love him.

This is Sweet Pea. She is our first born. When she was first born, the doctors couldn't make her cry. She was perfectly healthy, she just refused to cry. This is her personality still. She is head strong but loving. When she sets out to do something, she gets it done, one way or another. When they did get her to cry, it was the last time she was ever quite. This girl started babbling at 3 months old and has yet to stop talking. She asked her daddy the other day, "Why did you teach us to talk?" His response, " I'm wondering that myself!" She is a great big sister. She takes care of her siblings in every way possible. She is super smart and loves soccer. If she could have a pet horse in her room, she would. She has hopes, today anyway, of being a veterinarian.

This is Sweetie Pie. She is our second born. She is laid back and go with the flow girl. As long as everything is going her way. She is a little sneaky and a lot of lovey. If that makes sense. She loves to baby her little brother(and sometimes her big sister) whether they like it or not. She loves babies. I would say, 95% of the time she has a baby doll with her. She loves wearing dresses. She is also a talker. She loves her big sister and loves being a big sister. She loves to dance. She is stubborn and witty. She love to make people laugh. She is her father's child. She is a super smart girl. She's OK with being outside but prefers to be inside. She doesn't like dirt. She likes being clean. She is super girly. She one day hopes to take care of babies. Or be a ballerina. Which ever comes first.

This is The Boy. He is our third child. He is all boy. He loves his daddy and grandaddies. He loves to take things apart and put them back together. He loves cars and trucks. He loves workshops and tools. If he has the chance to be outside, he's going to be there. With or without clothes.  He loves to aggravate his sisters by taking their toys away and pulling their hair. He also loves them and loves to play with them. One of his favorite things to do is build things. He loves super heroes. He is normally dressed as Batman or Spiderman. Sometimes, a mixture of both with Thor thrown in. The boy loves Ketchup. And desserts. He often wants cake for breakfast and it's never to early or late to have dessert.  He loves his little cousin Baby E. He is an admirer of all females. As of today he wants to be an Astronaut because his favorite movie is Space Buddies.

This is my life. God has put this family together. I am so grateful that He chose me and the Mr. to take care of this family. Even if it gets a little crazy. Even if The Boy is pouring root beer down his pants, Sweet Pea is bossing someone, and Sweetie Pie is whining about it all. I love it and wouldn't change it! Life is good!