Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The happenings of the Fowler Family!

 We have had a lot of happenings going on in the family these past few weeks. Let's start with the past happenings, shall we?
Happenings of the Past:
My Boy
My boy has turned 5. Five! How in the world can that be? He should still be 2! But at the same time, he is so smart he sometimes seems older. He has quiet the imagination. He is so silly and adventurous. Sometimes, he is even a deep thinker. He pulls out some serious thoughts that make you stop in your tracks all doe-eyed like! Such as, "How do babies get out of your tummy?" As I stammer over the answer of "Um...well...uh....Doctors cut them out."(Which by the way, not a lie.) He is unamused by my answer and decides to inform the family, "I'm the green ninja from Ninjago! What kind of weapon do you have?" Thankfully his interest change rather quickly. (Currently, we have two 5 year olds and a 7 year old in the house. Every year for 15 days we have 2 kids who are the same age but don't share the same birthday. Meaning no twins. Yeah, I'll let you do the math on that! I love to see the looks on people's faces when I tell them that. It never gets old! ) Here he is when he was a baby:
This was his first Thanksgiving! He was so tiny!

And this is my little guy now. Can we just rewind a few years? I miss my squishy baby!
He is all about Star Wars. I made him his R2D2 cake. I think he loved it!

I just downloaded pictures from my camera to my computer. I had 418 pictures on there. Apparently, I haven't downloaded any since...um...July. Yeah. Here are a few from over the past few months:
Can you find the sleeping boy? I was in a moment of panic because I didn't see him at first!

Our family trip to a local state park!

The most important people in my life!

My boy spent the night with his Mimi and Paw on the 4th of July. He took a few "fireworks" with him.

The girls stayed home and enjoyed the fun from the front porch in their pajamas!

This little guy made himself a pallet and fell asleep one day after lunch. I knew it was a little too quiet!

My bold Sweetie Pie full of sass!

First day of 2nd grade.

First day of Kindergarten.

First day of K4.

My Sweet Pea found a butterfly friend!

Veterans Day
Yesterday my love had a day off from work. We were able to actually go on a date and do a little Christmas shopping. We also got to eat Chinese food and see a movie. A rare and appreciated treat!  We saw Thor: The Dark World. It was awesome! We also saw a few trailers of some upcoming movies we can't wait to see: The Hobbit, Captain America, Catching Fire! I cherish our time spent together. We always have so much fun!

Now on to the Future Happenings:

Oh Thanksgiving! How I love you...let me count the ways! It is a time for family, food, and fellowship. We have our menu planned from the smoked turkey to the pies. Thanksgiving is a time for pies. What about cake you say? That's what birthday's and Tuesdays are for. What about cookies? Have you heard of Christmas and Friday's? Thanksgiving is for pie! We currently have 4 pies on our menu. If your nice, we might share. Unless you talk to my Sweetie Pie about her beloved chocolate pie. I'll warn you, she is fierce! I wouldn't try to steal a bite. She will put you in your place. We working on the whole sharing thing. We may need to work harder on the sharing thing. I think this is our family's favorite holiday! We are beyond excited!

It's November and the excitement is building for the upcoming holiday! I feel ahead of the game in ways. Such as: Most of the kids Christmas shopping is done. This year we are taking the kids individually Christmas shopping for each of their siblings! Saturday, I took our oldest girl shopping. I had so much fun! She had very creative ideas. She has such a big, giving heart. I love that so much about her. If she could bring the moon down, wrap it up with a bow and give it to you, she would! I also had to remind her of her budget. Ha! As the saying around here goes she has a "wine taste on a beer budget"! Once she was reminded of her allotted amount of money she could spend, she was eager to do so. We have the two smaller ones to take shopping. I'm looking forward to it; It's going to be a blast! I have a plan for my husband's gift and few other people's gifts. I am excited to get my tree up. But, in the Fowler house we have to wait until after Thanksgiving. Waiting is hard for an impatient person. Not that I would know about it personally. Not me...not even a little.

The Present
Currently, I have a sink of dishes left over from breakfast this morning and bowls leftover from rice pudding last night. My table is full of home school work. We still have some work to finish from yesterday. I have laundry coming out of my eyeballs. It could also be flowing freely from my couch onto the floor. Not that I would be willing to tell anyone that. It is however clean and that's a plus.  Beds are unmade and toys are scattered throughout the house. Supper will need to be worked on soon. (Why do they always want to eat Supper?) It's cold and windy today. It will only be worse tomorrow. My feelings on the cold have changed. I actually don't mind the cold so much anymore.  I am grateful for a warm house and warm hearts that fill it up. It's easy to see that time is not always on your side. But it's even easier to see that time isn't what matters. It's the people you spend it with that does. Even if you have to do a hurdle jump over the four laundry baskets in front of the front door to do so.  Happy Tuesday to you and yours!

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