About Me

Hi!, I'm Jessica. I'm a relentless homemaker. Why "relentless"? The definition of relentless is:
ceaseless and intense: never slackening, but continuing always at the same intense or demanding level.
Doesn't that pretty much sum up being a parent? Why, yes it does! Our house is often demanding and sometimes intense. There is always something that has to be done or taken care of. There are always boo-boos to kiss, dishes to wash, food to cook, School to be taught, and laundry. Always lots and lots of laundry. Even when the children insist on running around naked or in their underwear! I'm relentlessly working to make my house a home. A safe, (hopefully clean, but I make no promises) place to land. 

Here are some fun facts:

  • I love God. Jesus is my best friend. The Holy Spirit is the constant comfort I need in life. 
  • Married to the man of my dreams for 9 wonderfully chaotic and fun years.
  • 3 children who keep us on our toes and stretch our faith at least twice a day.
  • I am a home school mom. 
  • My husband and I are the Children's Pastor's at our church.
  • I love to cook and bake.
  • I hate to clean up after I cook and bake.
  • I love a clean house but hate to clean it. 
  • I love clean laundry but don't really like to do it. (Do you see a pattern?)
  • I love to grow what we eat in our garden. 
  • We are a cable free, Netflix/Redbox only family.
  • I love the start of every season.
  • I love the beach. 
  • One day I want to go to Paris.
  • I love {most} all things southern.Sweet Tea, front porches, hunting, Alabama football, etc.
  • I love to can jellies, jams, and hopefully soon vegetables.
  • I also like to hang out clothes on the line.
  • I like "old fashioned" things. (See previous two comments.)
  • Slightly addicted to Pinterest and Facebook.
  • I love movies.
  • Drinking coffee with my husband is one of my top favorite things ever! 
  • Laughing with my kids is also one of my top favorite things ever! 
That's just a little about me. I hope you "follow" my blog so we can get to know each other!
Meanwhile, I take life like I take laundry. One load at a time! God Bless!