Friday, June 29, 2012

Things I like and some I don't....

  1. I like that it's Friday again....only a few days and I'll be on the beach!
  2. I like the fact that we'll be without technology for a week. I'm not disappointed AT ALL about this!
  3. I like the fact that we have air conditioner in triple digit heat waves.
  4. I like that my laundry is caught up.
  5. I like that my house has remained clean for more than 2 hours this week. 
  6. I like that I can drink coffee whenever I want. 
  7. I like when I can go shopping with my husband. He's pretty awesome. 
  8. I like when I can sleep in. Did I mention we're going on vacation?
  9. Vacation = Naps. I'm not AT ALL disappointed in this either!
  10. I like that I can listen to live worship at
  11. The internet can be a marvelous thing!
  12. I do not like the Magic Mike film that's coming out. I have not seen it. I do not want to see it. Movies like this come out and people wonder why infidelity is so rampant. This alone doesn't cause infidelity but it can't help it any. What ever happened to being modest?
  13. I do not like that "Obamacare" went through. There is so much I don't agree with and no amount of blog posts can explain how much I don't agree with it. 
  14. I do like that I serve the God who can provide for my needs regardless of what an earthly kingdom goes through!  
  15. I do like that I have found an interesting set of books to read. It's called The Circle Series by Ted Dekker. You can find a list of his books at
  16. I like that my kids set up a "church" in their bedroom! So sweet and cute!
  17. I like that my kids are each different than the other. I love that they have their own unique personalities and each bring an amazing quality to our family. 
  18. I like that my girls take care of my boy. They are little mommies!(When they aren't dressing him up like a ballerina!...this makes me laugh so hard because there is nothing graceful about my sweet little boy!) 
  19. I do not like when my son pees under my kitchen table.(See... not a ballerina!) 
  20. I do not like when he then rubs his head in it. Why are boys so gross? Is it so they can get multiple baths during the day? I think that may be it....
Happy Friday, Happy Independence Day, and have a wonderful week!
P.S. Did I mention, I'll be at the beach? Well...I'll be at the beach so I'll see you on the flip side with pictures!
And hopefully, no stories of my son peeing off the balcony into the pool. (Dear Lord, Please.....)

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Friday, June 22, 2012

I am so happy it's Friday!

Hi! Can I just say I am beyond happy that today is Friday? Good! Because I just did! So happy! We are a very short 8 days away from seeing the beach. Ahhh. Here let me just show you so you can be just as happy as I am!

Isn't that gorgeous?! Yes it is! The kids are as excited as I am. Not as excited as the hubby though! We are coming out of another round of night shift. Thank God, it's not as bad as it was the previous round. I think we have adjusted rather well this time around. I must say, I am still ready to go back on days. This change up keeps things rather interesting. I think I like it!

I am currently making an extremely, dare I say, sinful chocolate cake for my Daddy's birthday tomorrow. It smells like I stepped out of laundry-ville, USA and right into Chocolate paradise. Sigh. Did I mention it's homemade, from scratch, no box stuff chocolate cake? Oh it is so good. I just can't seem to get my homemade cakes to come out of the pan whole. This one did better than previous cakes. It still had a few small spots that didn't come out clean. No worries, that's what icing is for!

I have a very small confession to make. This show right here:


Good Luck Charlie keeps me in stitches. It's on the Disney Channel. It's the only place we can find family appropriate shows anymore. The mom on the show, is hilarious! They are about to have a new baby on the show. The big event is coming on Sunday night. I may be thinking about making a big deal family night out of it. Maybe, I'll make some blue and pink cookies as a snack. They also don't know the gender of the baby. You really should try it out. You'll laugh, trust me! I love it because, as silly as some stuff is, it is not to far from the truth! :)

Our quaint little garden is doing incredibly awesome this year! We have squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon, cabbage, greens, carrots, beets. This is the first year that our garden has produced beyond one or two pieces of produce. I can't wait until my purple cabbage comes in. (Or is it called red? Hmm...not sure) Well, I'm not a full time farmer. Not that it hasn't passed through my mind....

I was looking at older pictures today and came across these precious little ones.

Look how little they were! So sweet! I want another one.....Wait....Nope never mind. The moment passed. My son just asked me to come look at his poop in the potty. Yup, that's one of those..I never thought I'd be happy to see poop in a potty moments......
Is it bedtime yet?

I feel a chic flick marathon coming my way....Well, any kind of movie marathon that doesn't include animated characters and poop.

Happy Friday!

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Hello, My name is Jessica....

I am the owner of this blog. I am alive and well. Not that you would know from my blogging hiatus. But I am. :) Boy, life has been a crazy whirlwind lately. It hasn't left very much time for blogging. That's life, I guess. We have been going through a very new season in our lives, not a bad one but a good one. In the past two months, we have gone from ordinary, everyday(for the past 7 years) life to something new. A new beginning. A new everyday routine. We have been sent to a new church, ended an old job and started a new one, started a new work schedule that includes a mix of days and nights, ended Kindergarten(my baby!), got rid of one vehicle just in time for the other one to die, got a new car, lost a very special person, gained a new family member(that's you Chuck!) started living a new life. And loving every minute of it. Looking back on the past two months, I can honestly say I wasn't sure how things would end up, but I KNEW God would handle it. And he has. We have been in a transition period with life and when I look forward, I can see an amazing future. My wonderful, amazing husband is no longer so stressed because of work that he can't enjoy life. We are adjusting to him switching out day shift and night shift. It's different and it is taking some getting use to. Since, we home school it's not a big deal if he works nights...we can be very flexible.  We actually see him more now than we ever did at his other job. It was truly a God send that he is working at this current company. Honestly, there is no other way to put it.  We are at an amazing church, that is in our community, that has a community outreach like none I have ever been a part of. It truly has a heart for people and loving those people, just like the bible says we should. One word- Amazing. We are exactly where God wants us to be and we are so excited to be a part of the church.
My Sweet Pea "graduated" Kindergarten. We didn't actually have a graduating ceremony but I did take her picture in a little cap and gown. That way I would have one of her in Kindergarten and when she actually graduates high school.  GASP. High School. Quick...someone hold me, I can't breathe. High School. deep breaths...breath...
My Sweet Pea, growing up way to fast. We are so blessed to have this  toothless little smile to look at everyday!

We start first grade at the end of August. We will be home schooling again. I really love it and so do they. It fits in perfectly with our life right now. 
We also lost an amazing man of God- my husbands' granddaddy. Granddaddy, was one of the most faithful men I have ever known. He helped to raise my husband and I will always be eternally grateful to him for what an amazing job he did. He holds a very special place in my heart. 

Even in the midst of new things, some things never change. Like, for instant, my son's ability to constantly gross me out. He is 3 and 1/2 for crying out loud! I thought I would have a few more years before this happened....I was wrong. Also, the fact that getting my kids to clean their rooms is like giving a shark a bubble's going to be painful and possibly deadly. They can destroy a room in 10 seconds flat. Can someone please endorse us for the Olympics? Anyone? Tide? Subway?....No? This has to be some kind of record! I am trying to get them to pick up their rooms every night before bath/bed time. Some nights it works, some it doesn't. Like Friday night, when Sweetie Pie dumped out a 5 gallon tub full of books, in the door way of her room. Right before bedtime. Sometimes, it's just better to go to bed and deal with the mess in the morning. Sigh. Of course, in the morning turned into Monday afternoon...but whatever. I am determined to make this pick up every night before bed thing work. It may take me all summer long but that's OK. These thing take time. I just hope all summer long doesn't turn into 17 years later....
So I think that has brought us up to speed. Old way of living turning into a new way of living while some things remain the same. I think that covers it. I hope to see you tomorrow. 

Meanwhile....Enjoy life, love while you can, and it never hurts to do a little laundry in between it all....
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