Saturday, December 29, 2012

The New Year!

It has been a long 2 weeks. In both good and not so good ways. The bad first. The kids have been sick with, as the doctor said, something "viral". Fevers of 104, snot, coughing, more snot. For something that was viral it certainly feels flu like. The kids were just lethargic and doing all they could to try and play. This is completely out of character for all of my kids. We had to miss all of our family get together's. We were all sad about it. We were able to go to my parents house(just around the corner) on Christmas night. The good news is, we were all in the house together. Yes, we were all getting a tad stuffed up. But, there was a lot of snuggling going on with the kids. Lots of time playing and be thankful for what was in front of us. We were really able to soak up the finally days of Christmas 2012. We watched Christmas movies, ate popcorn, and laughed. Even though they felt awful, they still gave us plenty of laughs. Unfortunately, they have passed their cold on to the parents. This is not nice. I think we need to re-think the whole "sharing" thing for New Years.  Which brings me to the coming New Year.

I love the beginning of a new year. A new year, a new start. A time of refreshing and starting over. Every year, I feel as if there is a "theme" to the coming year.(Is this weird, or do other people do this? Maybe?) Sometimes it's peace, joy, change. This year I really feel there are two themes The first is simplicity. Going back to the basics. The time before so much Internet, so much TV. Just being in the moment with the people you love. My husband and I recently went out to eat. As we sat and watched everyone around us, we noticed an almost unnatural attachment people had to their phones. It was as if their smart phone was permanently attached to their hands. The kids got the board game Operation for Christmas. The game even has a "Texting Thumb". Then we realized that only a few months ago that was us. We had a smart phone and an I-pod touch. We were constantly looking down and never looking up. We answered each other in mumbles and "uh-huhs". There but not present. This really confirmed Simplicity for me. We no longer have smart phones, only the basic *gasp* cell phone and dare I say line. We have no laptop or i-Pad. We have a plain desktop and a Kindle reader. Then I realized how, even though I don't have a device at hands length anymore, I still spend more time than I should on-line. I am on Facebook or Pinterest a lot. There are games to play and people to "observe" on Facebook. I never have enough time to get the things done, I need to get done. Hmmm...wonder why? I am taking a break for a while from the Facebook world starting the New Year. A new year, a new start. I have 4 very special people in my life that need my attention more than the dramatic people on Facebook that I may see once a year. Maybe. (Some I haven't seen in years.) My family are the ones that need my observation. Our kids are the ones who need our attention. I don't want my kids to be unable to be sociable in any situation. Walking around with technology in their hands and sending messages, will cause them to not know how to interact in "real" life. So, all that to say, it's time for me to step back and be in the moment. Be on social networks three times less than I was. And I'm ok with that.

The second "theme" for this year is Trust. It's something everyone has issues with in one form or another. This is really spiritual thing for me. I want to get closer to my Savior. I love the song that says, I am a friend of God, he calls me friend. Then I thought about it. He knows everything about me, as a best friend should. Yet, what do I really know about him? Do I know all there is to know about him. Yes, I am aware that it will take a life time to know our Lord. Probably, eternity. But, I want to not only try but succeed in knowing all I can about him. When you have a close friend, you have to be able to put all of your trust in them. I feel there is going to be a lot of growing and stretching this year. It's the growing and stretching that makes us who we are. I'm going to trust that God is going to take care of us every day. That he will be our provider and friend. That if we put our trust in him and him alone, he will not let us down. So, I'm going to trust in him and let him be my everything. 

There are exciting things going on with the Fowler's. I'm excited! As always, I'll keep you posted! Hopefully, I will have Christmas pics up soon. Perhaps, by Easter? ;) Now, I have to go be in that moment I was speaking of. My son is trying to stick a Handy Manny sticker on the dog while telling his sister the dog doesn't like her. And that the dog said it not him.

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happiness is...

What is happiness? A few definitions of happiness is :: a state of well-being and contentment : Joy and
a pleasurable or satisfying experience

There are many things that make me happy. There are also some things that make me unhappy. I'll give you a few examples. (NOTE: This isn't all that make me a happy just a few things!)


  1. A clean house
  2. Clean laundry 
  3. DVR
  4. Sparkling grape juice
  5. Shoes that I bought on sale @ Kohl's (A pair of Dana Buchman dress shoes for $20 originally    $69.99..OH YEAH!)
  6. Naps
  7. Children who behave
  8. My husband being off work for a week! 
  9. Christmas
  10. Healthy family      
  11. Books
  12. The bible(I love how I learn something new every time I read it!)
Some things that make me not so happy:

  1. A bed room that has been destroyed exactly 2.4 minutes after I walk out of a clean room. How do they do that? Really? It's one of life's mysteries. 
  2. Laundry....let's just not go there.
  3. Cleaning up rice from a homemade rice sock(you know the kind you warm up in the microwave to put on sore muscles?) My Sweetie Pie and the Boy, decided one would bite a hole in said sock and they would collectively spread contents around Sweetie's Pie room. I should have known something was going on when I heard no arguing for 5 minutes! Did I mention, the parents of above mentioned children found it at bedtime, when trying to tuck said children into bed. 
  4. Cinnamon that has been spilled in the kitchen floor and rolled around in by a 4 year old little boy. {Thank God, he didn't get sick from inhaling it!} I was on the computer for 3 minutes and he attacks. 
  5. I don't like that the awesome deal I got on my shoes is still not here yet! *said, weepy* They should be here by December 24. At least that's what the tracking info said. I'm trying so hard to be patient I really am. ;)
  6. Not being able to take naps. Sometimes you just need a nap. 
  7. Children who fight and argue and tattle every 2 minutes. Literally. (It could be worse, I do realize that. But I could so go without it for say 20 minutes.)
  8. Tissue fights. I don't like tissue fights. My son likes tissue fights. In which he takes as many tissues out at a time he can without getting caught. This is why I hide my good Puffs tissues. 

 Well, at least the good outweighs the bad. I really am blessed. If we make it to Christmas without 2.3 million time outs and my sanity left in tack at least 10%, we'll be doing well. Here's to hope! Without it, I would join the natives and roll in some cinnamon and have tissue fights while dancing in dry rice. Don't be jealous!                                                    

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Let's Play Catch Up, Shall We?

It has been busy, as usual. Sometimes, after a very long day, all I want to do is sit down and make some room on my DVR.  And I'm talking no kids interrupting or whining or crying or putting their sister in a choke hold. Do you know what I'm talking about? I know you do! So lets play catch up. I have a few minutes while the kids are watching Good Luck Charlie. Thank you Lord for Disney. I'm not ashamed to admit I let the kids watch TV. Especially when I need a minute to catch up on the ole blog. Or Pinterest.

  • Sweetie Pie turned 5. My boy turned 4. Oh my gosh! When did that happen? Since turning 4, my boy has decided he should grow a beard. A big beard. Like his Paw-paw. Then he said he needs to shave it like Daddy. Yeah, could you not go and be that old yet? Please, and Thank You! Sweetie Pie has just piled on the sassy since turning 5. Seeing as she is no longer 4, like her brother. They've also been trying to drive me crazy by trying their best to make the other get in trouble. It's never ending. Not that I really want it any other way. 
  • The husband and I are now the leaders of the Preschool class at church. Yay! That's right ages 3,4 and 5 are now being lead my the Fowler's! It's fun. They never run out of amazing hilarious things to say. Much like our own home. I found myself in a deep discussion with a 3 year old about how Jesus was much better than Santa. He didn't give up and I did, when I realized I was actually arguing with a three year old. Great things are happening! That you can be sure! :)
  • We made a 4 and 1/2 hour trip to see family for Thanksgiving. It was a nice drive until my boy decided to bounce of the car walls. It was fun. Really, it was. Ok, it was slight torture. None of the cousins went to sleep until around 12:30 or 1:00 in the morning. The good news is, the boy only made an appearance in his underwear once. That was the afternoon before we left. It meant we stayed too long, he became too comfortable. I made a permanent note to self on that one. Son becomes comfortable= Pants come off. 
  • We are having a family gathering at our house again this year for Christmas! Lets pray we don't have a repeat of last year. Griswold,'s all the same really!  haha! That was a nervous laugh by the way. 
  • We have a bad case of musical beds going on. The boy was in all 4 beds in the course of an hour every night this week. I was finally to the point of, just lay down and go to sleep. I don't care if it's on the roof. Especially when Parenthood is on. I love this show. It's a night time soap opera. It's awesome. Next week looks like a tear jerker. Is anyone else {slightly}addicted to this show?
  • Speaking of shows, we got a DVR. Have I mentioned that before? I don't remember. It's awesome. No commercials. Pause button when you have to go potty.(I just said potty. Hi, I'm Jessica. I'm a mom. In case the potty comment didn't give that away...) Or if one son is pulling hair, literally, out of his sister's head. Yeah, a parent had to invent DVR. 
  • We have our tree up! Yay for Christmas time! We celebrate all month long. It's one of my favorite holidays! The girls are going to be in a Christmas play at church. It's going to be so awesome! I'm excited for them! 
  • Next week we're going to see the Nutcracker Ballet! I am so excited! Probably even more than my girls are! Eeck! 
  • I totally won the entire Friends series on Blu-ray a few weeks ago. It came yesterday. I can't wait to be able to sit for a few minutes so I can start watching it from the beginning!  
  • I think that pretty much sums it up. Let's see all of that on top of cleaning, cooking, schooling, saying no 5.2 billion times a day, church. Yeah, I think that may be it. Of course, I'll update if there is more. Until then, I'll try to survive the night. Thank God, the kids don't know where the duck tape is. One day, they may just try to duck tape me to a chair. Not that I would complain...that bad! Happy Thursday...hang on, tomorrow is're almost there! :) 

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Fun times at the Fowler house.....

I'm ready for the weekend. How about you? You probably are right?! Well, I like to have all of my "stuff" done before the weekend starts. But here I am, writing on the blog. Not mopping the floor, or cleaning the bathrooms. Did I mention, I have a sink of dirty dishes because I didn't do them last night? Well, I do. I had a headache and laying on the couch topped my list of things to do last night. Not the dishes. Maybe it's the rain that is suppose to be coming in, but I am having serious headache issues. They are a pain in the...head. So, while the kids are watching Lion King 1 1/2 and eating a "picnic" lunch in the living room floor, I am bringing to you, The many antics of the Fowler children. Who knew three small children could cause so Yeah, we'll go with humor.

  1. When looking at clearance section at Target. There are little girl training bras. My Sweet Pea(one day she may die from finding this out, but until then, it's hilarious. And that's my job, right?) said, "Um I don't think that's going to fit you. It will be too small." Yeah...that's not for me, it might be for you one day. "OH, then I want this." As she points to a size A cup. Her father had a palpitation and  has yet to recover. I may think this is hilarious and I may be laughing at this very moment. 
  2. Sweet Pea loves to read. She can read almost anything. She reads everything. Everything. This is good until a Viagra or Cialis commercial comes on. Not good.. Ever. This just added to her father's palpitation. In fact he has gone straight into heart attack form.  We have to tell her, "Don't read that, close your eyes!" Or the commercial that says, "If you have a mesh bladder sling..." Not fun for a 6 1/2 year old to read.  On a side note: Why must they put those kind of commercials on at 5 o'clock in the afternoon? Can they not wait until after 8pm...just curious! Her sister gets tired of her reading everything. She rolls her eyes and says, "Do you have to read everything?" 
  3. Speaking of my Sweetie Pie. She has got to be the pickiest eater in the entire world. Some days, I find myself praying that Peanut Butter would have the same nutritional value as broccoli and squash. That is all she eats. She will eat fries. But this week she refused to eat fries because they were, "Too squishy." I told her no, they aren't. Now eat them. A few minutes later, she says, "look I ate them." She had spread the fries in a circle around her plate leaving only the middle of her plate empty. AHEM. I said, "No you didn't. You just moved them around your plate." Her response, "Oh, man! I hoped you wouldn't figure it out." 
  4. She also has issues sleeping. As in she doesn't want to sleep by herself at all. Ever. We let her sleep on a pallet in our bedroom floor, if she comes in late at night. Well, it was 11:30pm and she had yet to fall asleep. So, I said, "Fine, just lay down on a pallet and go to sleep in here." I didn't realize our little weeny dog Corndog followed her in. All of a sudden I hear her laughing hysterically. The dog was snuggled up next to her back licking her. What's wrong with that you ask? Nothing is wrong with that at 1 in the afternoon. Not at midnight. I should be asleep. Not up and angry. The dog was kicked out. I am not sad about it. 
  5. My sweet boy. Sigh. At the moment he is telling his sister the steps. AKA the rules. Step 1. Don't step on the pillows. Step 2. Don't touch the TV. Step 3. Don't get on the couch. He must think the living room is his. And only his.
  6.  He seems to think that everyone needs to be reminded to keep their manners. He tells me, "My girls don't know to eat with their mouth closed." Um...pretty sure you're the one that doesn't know how. 
  7. He just said, "Rule 7, no touching my radio.....Hey Mommy, can you help me find my radio?
  8. He has also decided to give me daily science lessons. Yeah. That is about as much fun as it sounds. Lesson #1: When we eat and drink it goes in our tummy and we poop or pee it out. Lesson #2:  "Hey Mommy, when you sit on a toilet you gotta read a book." good to know
  9. When saying the pledge of allegiance, he finds it hilarious to say it in the highest voice possible. This only makes his sisters laugh and his mommy mess up the pledge from laughing. 
  10. He likes to proudly announce, "I'm going to poop in the potty." He then returns and tells me, "See, it only takes a few minutes." I was just schooled in Science Lesson #3. 
  11. He will also say, "The Bible. Chapter 1. Eat pizza pizza. Chapter 3. Eat Peanuts."
  12. While I was cleaning his room, he grabs the bible and said, "Let me look in the bible. Yup, it says you have to clean my room. That's what it says."
At least he knows to look for answers in the bible. And he likes science. Sam does too, as long she doesn't have to eat anything that consist of healthy. Ha! I have floors to mop and bras to hide. And on that note, I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I think I know why I have a headache. I just told my son to get off his sister's head. Yup, that's where the headache comes from... 

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dave Ramsey, a budget, and stretching....

And I'm not talking about stretching before a run! I'm talking about stretching my faith and trust in Jesus. Stretching and Growing. Setting Budgets and staying in those budgets. My husband and I are going through Financial Peace University at our church. It's the Dave Ramsey program. It is going to be good and sometimes border-line good, I think. In the end, our plan is to be debt free. Owing no man, anything. I know that we can get through this because, "But He said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.” Luke 18:27 We were already {kinda} on a budget. At least, I thought we were until we filled out his Quick Start Budget. Then I realized, we were on exactly no budget. At all. We set aside $100 a week for groceries. Honestly, I was completely nervous about this. I had been getting groceries for $120-150 a week. I use to be able to get them for $75 a week and that was with diapers. So what was I doing to make my groceries jump from $45-$75 a week. I knew I could make this budget work, I just had to reset some things. Those things were:

  1. Coupons. I had stopped using coupons. I didn't think it made that big of a difference. I was wrong. I was...lazy. While I am not "extreme" by any stretch of the imagination, I do think that $1.00 off here and there do add up. Pairing coupons with "Buy one, get one free" sales = many products, little prices.
  2. Menu.  I create a menu for the week. I usually do four-five meals and two-three nights of leftovers. I spread the leftover nights out, that way there is plenty to choose from but we aren't having leftovers three nights in a row. I usually cook on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I use Wednesday and Sunday for leftovers.  I add what breakfast items, lunch items, and snack items we will need for the week. I only put what we need, not necessarily what we want on the list. This way we don't waste any food and therefore waste money.
  3. List. I put exactly what is needed for each days' meals. I try to factor in healthy snacks. Unless, it is just a drop dead, awesome,  once in a blue moon deal, I leave it on the shelf.  Not on the list, not in the buggy.(Unless, I actually need it and forgot to put it on my list. Not that it has ever happened before....)
So, with my not so new budget ideas in hand, I head to the grocery store. I have my menu planned out: 

  • Baked ziti and homemade french bread 
  • Katsudan(Japanese pork dish) for our date night{We are having date night at home while the kids go to my parents house. We are both able to get in the kitchen and cook and spend time together without, "Can we watch a cartoon, what are you cooking, it smells funny! I don't want to eat it, She's looking at me. Mommmmmyyyyy....." We are getting a dollar rental from Redbox. So by having date night at home, we are saving money!  Dave Ramsey, would be proud! :)}
  • Black bean burgers
  • Smoked Sausage Bisque
My list is ready to go! I'm not too confident that I'm ready but with my trusty side kick Micah beside me, I know that we'll make it work! I went to Aldi and Publix.  In Aldi, I spent a grand total of: $40.71! I left with a buggy full of groceries. If you have an Aldi close by and you have never tried it, I say go for it! Especially if you aren't "brand specific". If you're buying Wal-mart/Target brands anyway, buy Aldi. Your grocery bill will be cut in half. Now that I have shared my love for Aldi with you, we're moving on!  In Publix, I spent a total of: $34.52! And I only used  five coupons, two of them they doubled. So you know I didn't spend 40hours of my week working on coupons.  My grand total for groceries this week was: $ 75.53! Not only did I get all my groceries for a week, but I came in under budget! My list included pork chops, smoked sausage, cheese( 8 cups of shredded and 16ounces of fresh mozzarella!), Shout, carpet powder, toilet paper, paper towels, fruit, veggies, milk, cheese, bread, chips, lunch meat....just to name a few things. So, I hope I have given you some hope, in the fact that if you try really hard and make some changes, you can make a budget and stick to it. Maybe this stretching and growing thing won't be so bad!  Then again, we are only on week one out of nine in our class...... I'll let you know how next week goes! Many blessings on that budget! :)

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Random Post on a not so random Tuesday...

I love fall. It feels as if good ole' Alabama may actually see true fall weather in September. I think the highest temp in the next 7 days is only going to be in the low 80s. I know people from Wisconsin are laughing at us saying, "That is so not fall!" But for me, it totally is!

Speaking of Wisconsin, my husband wants to move to Green Bay. Mostly, for the Packers. Ok, all for the Packers. He hates being cold and yet wants to move for the sake of football.  It is near the water and I do like football.... It also snows in winter. I like snow.  It would be fun to see them play a game.... hmmm....

So I was reading in Proverbs(16:31) yesterday. There is a verse that says silver hair is a crown of glory. My crown has started. I'm not sure to be vain and cry or embrace it fully.  It's only one silver hair. I think I have it pretty well hidden. It's not that bad.

My oldest daughter, Sweet Pea, told me she brushed her teeth with Clorox. I panicked. I never leave bleach where they can reach it. Ever. After her daddy and myself asked, "What!!??" with panicked looks on our faces, she explained it. "Well, that's what it said on the toothpaste." sigh of relief. "Sweet girl, you need to read a little slower because that says Colgate."

I now have added to my crown of glory.

My baby brother #2 is getting married. Yay! Congrats to Ryan and my future sister in law Colbie! I'm so happy for them!

My son keeps asking me when we are getting married. That sweet boy. I have to explain that I'm already married to Daddy. He says, "Ok! When are you going to marry me?" God love his sweet self.

I had to separate him and his sister last night. He was laying on her and hanging off the side of the couch. I can't explain it. He was defying gravity somehow.  I don't know how he wasn't falling off. So I picked them up and sat them on the couch. Maybe I used a little too much force because they {may have} bounced up and down when I let go. They laughed and said do it again!

Oh look, my glory crown is growing...yay....

We're going to the "liberry" today. The kids love to go. I do to. I wish I could go in there with a warm sweater, a cup of coffee, and just read for hours and hours. That would be nice. It's so quite and cool in there. I can't do it with the kids, obviously.  The librarian would be like, "Ma'am, you son is climbing up that very unstable bookshelf. Your girls are arguing over who gets the Fancy Nancy book and...oh look! The bookcases are toppling over like dominoes!" I would be like, " Who knew they actually did that?" Ha, Ha, Ha, ahem. Here is my library card, it was nice to know you. Have a happy life."

I should go inform my kids we are going. My son just walked by in a Superman T-shirt, Spiderman underwear, Buzz Lightyear house shoes, and three hats. Yes, three. He says he's going ice skating on the floor. Thank God we don't have bookcases in the living room.

Oh look, my glory crown is growing...again...
Now I may just cry.

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Typical Friday Night....

It's mostly quiet in my house. I hear our dog Cookie barking at rabbits or dogs or squirrels or me(because I want let her in the house!). She's very protective. I like that, a lot! I've had the kids in bed since 8:30pm. I've put them back in bed at least 23.42 million times.

Daughter #2 says, "I'm thirsty." Go get your drink. "It's aaalllll gggooonneee!" She immediately turns to Jello. deep breaths, Jess, deep breaths.  Then get some water. "I don't waaaannnntttt waterrrrrrrr." *In a very stern voice* You may have water or you may not have water, but it is time to go to sleep. Now! "I'll take waterrrr." Her bones decide to grow back. She is no longer a puddle on the kitchen floor. 

Daughter #2,"I forgot to get Sissy's water." {They are "spending the night" together.} Get it and please, go to bed.

Son says, "I don't want to watch Bugs Bunny."
a low growl comes from Mama Bear. "How about Penguins of Madagascar?"
Son says, "That would be good!"

I think they are finally asleep! Netflix, here I come! I have Parenthood episodes to catch up on. 

 I hear bumps from my sons room. I'm pretty sure he is still not asleep. Or he is asleep and is sleep walking. If that's the case then he is tripping over the room full of toys. He, literally, picked up his toy box and flipped it over. I'm not even exaggerating! It was still half full when he did it. They boy has the strength of the Hulk when he is in his true to self, little boy form! Where do kids get all their energy and strength? I may never know.

I {just} consoled a crying daughter. She was in a pool of crocodile tears. Why? Her sister "accidentally"  pulled the flashlight away from her and it bounced off her bottom lip. She was and I quote, "Just trying to shake the light back on." {Um...Sweetie there haven't been batteries in that thing in 6 months. I don't think shaking it will make the light come on!} I think her heart was more broken than the lip was busted. Very little blood, all is good!

It's been a whole five minutes since I've heard a door creak open and little feet frolicking my....never mind. 

That very same daughter who was just crying decided she was "hungawe" It's not supper time, it's bed time. Back to bed.

Daughter #1 is up. She lost the back to her earring.....again. "Sweet Pea, how many times have I told you, 'Don't mess with your earrings?' I'll tell you, too many to count!"

Digging through jewelry box looking for another back to earring. Ha! Found one! Woot!
"Now, back to bed. Don't play with your earrings!"

Son comes tip toeing out of his room. I want to watch the new Alvin and the Chipmunks!" I say, "Dear Son, we don't have that." He replies with a sigh, "But, get the movie suitcase, we do have it!" In the most loving voice I can muster through gritted teeth, I might add, "I can't find it. It's probably under the floor of toys you just dumped out!" WHINE, CRY, TURN INTO JELL-O, CRY, WHINE. 

"Oh look! The Muppets! You LOVE the Muppets! How about this?"
His bones also magically appear again. He is now human again and not slimy Jell-o.
Son says, "Yes! That would be good!"
Off to bed...again.

It's been another 5 minutes of peace and qu....sigh...why? I'm about to turn into a blob of Jell-o and see if I can get my way.

Daughter #2 says, "I miss Daddy." Mama lovingly says, "Me too...he'll be home soon, go back to bed."

"I really miss Daaaaddddddddyyyyy."
"He'll be here soon, Sweetie. Bed. Now." Mommy is running out of patience.

Turn around and go to bed. Now. I know you miss Daddy, he'll be home soon. Good Night. I love you. 


If you need me, I'll be the puddle of melted Jell-o..... hiding under the table, waiting on my hubby to get home. Thank you Lord, that today is Friday!

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Feeling Overwhelmed? Have no fear God is here!

Today is Tuesday! I'm linking up with the Time Warp Wife for some Titus 2sday fun!

Have you ever felt overwhelmed? Of course you have! If you haven't you {might} just be lying! It's so easy to become overwhelmed in today's society. You have to keep up with Facebook, Pinterest, Blogger, the news, celebrity gossip, church activities, school activities, extra curricular activities, work, house work, home school, play dates, your favorite TV shows, and the list goes on and on and on. The last time I checked there are still only 24 hours in a day and still only one you. How do you keep up with everything and keep your sanity in check? Well, the answer is: YOU CAN'T. I'm not big on being negative. But, there comes a time you have to say I can't do it all.  You would think the answer would involve some complex equation. It doesn't. Just say NO! Change your priorities.  Tell your kids, pick one activity or sport, that's all we doing. Be the parent, your still allowed to control your children's schedule. Is Pinterest and Facebook more important than time spent with your spouse? Is keeping up with the latest celebrity gossip columnist really more important than making a home cooked meal for your family? Is watching your favorite TV show more important than spending time in God's word? When we step back and put our priorities in order, our time falls into our purpose. It falls into the appropriate place it needs to be. In my life, I try to put:
                                         God First, Husband Second, Children Third

I admit, it doesn't always look like that. Especially when life takes hold of you, instead of allowing God to take hold of your life. I read a blog post called I'm Maxed Out by Courtney at Women Living Well. It spoke volumes to my spirit today. She spoke about Michelle Duggar being overwhelmed around child number 7. I have 3 that I home school, I can't imagine four much less seven or seventeen, for that matter. She was overwhelmed! {Can you imagine?!} She cried out to the Lord that she couldn't do it anymore. The verse He brought to her spirit was 2 Corinthians 12:9. {I added 10 also, because it spoke to me!}

" ...My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weakness, so that Christ's power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ's sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecution, in difficulties, For when I am weak, then I am strong."

So today, boast that you can't do it. That you alone can do nothing. But with Christ, you have more than enough strength to carry through. Set God first, seek him, tell him your weak and can't complete all the tasks ahead of you. His power will rest on you and you will be made strong. So have no fear, God is here!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will direct  your paths. {Proverbs 3:5-6}

Many Blessings,

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My cleaning schedule...

I am happy for short weeks! How about you? This week has been like I'm ramming my head against a brick wall! It seems like I really have to work extra hard at everything this week. I guess that's just another way to relinquish control over things you just don't have control over and say, "OK, Lord I trust you." And so goes life. Today, I'm going to talk about household....stuff. Chores. Laundry. The mundane things that can completely overwhelm you, if you let it. Instead, take joy in the fact that you are able to take care of your family. Even though, not to many people actually like to clean, it's still a way of taking care of your family. When I look at it that way, it's not near as painful.  If you don't clean, you start having unfavorable "guests" show up and the next thing you know your on the next episode of Hoarders. For the love of Clorox, please take care of your family. (P.S. if you need motivation, you should totally watch an episode of Hoarders. The sheer thought makes me reach for a Clorox wipe.) Until my husbands decides to turn into Bruce Wayne and hires dear Alfred(I prefer Michael Caine compared to all other Alfred's because he's like a sweet, yet very cool grandpa!)  to come take care of my cleaning(and the bat cave) I'll have to settle on my own system of cleaning. :)
My current system of cleaning has been taken from numerous blogs. Over at Time Warp Wife she has a pretty in depth schedule. Mine isn't quite that in depth, but it works for me. I, usually, set aside each day to do one "major" cleaning along with "everyday" cleaning. I knew that I would need something to help me along this school year. With Sweet Pea in 1st grade and Sweetie Pie in K-4, and my son, who just dumped out half a box of animal crackers on his bed,  I needed guidance. I am a make a list kind of person. I NEED a list. So I came up with a list and it has worked wonderfully over the past 3 weeks.

This is what I look like when I clean.HA! .....Just kidding
(this is not my image!)

Monday: Laundry    As in all day. I do laundry once a week. My cousin Marie has always done laundry once a week. I always thought that's crazy. How can you only do laundry once a week? I decided to try it. I loved it! I take Mondays and wash, dry, fold, and put away then it's done for the week. I, occasionally, have to wash a load in the middle of the week for whatever reason. But, one load in the middle of seven days, is totally fine with me. I'm usually done by late afternoon. Especially if I set my timer that tells me when my dryer is done....ahem. I also haven't used as much laundry soap and I did washing every day or every other day. Sweet....I'm saving money in the process! 

Tuesday: Vacuum and dust.    I run the vacuum over the floors and dust and I'm done in about 30 minutes, I guess. Although, I'm not a fan of has to be done. Vacuumed floors just make the house feel and look so clean. 

Wednesday: Bathrooms and Grocery List    I hate to clean the bathrooms. It doesn't take to terribly long but it's one of those "necessary evils" that has to be done. If not, see above comments about Hoarders. All through the day, I write out my weekly grocery list. I tend to find I'm out of things as I go through out my day making meals, home schooling, and cleaning. 

Thursday: Grocery Shopping and Bills   This isn't usually an all day affair. It could be, but I try not to let it be. I still have my daily cleaning to do, supper to cook, and school to be taught. Sometimes, you just need a day to shop....even if it's window shopping.  I like going early in the mornings before lunch crowds get there. (I love being a full time homemaker!) I also have been taking a kid a week with me. It gives us a great "Mommy and me" day. They like to help with loading the groceries and looking at toys. I like the one on one time, they like the hash browns for breakfast! ;) I also like going by myself sometimes too. It is very relaxing to me. (Thankful to my Mama for watching the kids and my sweet husband!) I also do my bills on Thursdays. I {try my best} do them first thing in the morning before I go to the store. That determines my budget for groceries for the week. 

Friday: Floors   As in mopping. I do the family room, which in our home is the living room, dining room, and kitchen. Then I do the bathrooms. This way, I only get the steam mop out once a week. {As long as there are no major spillage issues, which let's face it...!} 

Saturday and Sunday:  Rest!   My days are busy. From 4:30am to 10:00pm. Or from 8:00am to 1:30am.(depending on night shift/day shift) I am always doing something. Three meals a day {times 5}, home school, laundry, cleaning, baths, etc. I like that I can wake up on Saturday and Sunday and have a relatively clean house and not have to do any major cleaning. I need that rest. I don't want to be concerned with a deep cleaning. I would rather be concerned with spending time with my family! :)

Daily Cleaning:  Beds made, dirty clothes but in proper places, kitchen cleaned, floor swept, toys picked up before bed, living room picked up, hall way picked up, bathroom quickly tidied up.

Not that difficult. Just right for me. So do you have a list? Or you more go with the flow or just a once a week, all on one day cleaner? Let me know. Any tips? Show some love and leave a comment! :)

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Friday, August 24, 2012

It's Friday..Woop! Woop! ...

I'm so happy it's Friday! How about you? Yes?! Good!  First, it hasn't been a month since my last blog entry....say what?!  Tonight the kids and I are having a "Perry Party".{The husband will be at work....he never wants to trade spots with me! That's so not fair! ;)}  Who's Perry? It's more like "Hey, Where's Perry?" If you have kids, you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. Or if you don't have kids or maybe you don't have a TV, here's Perry:

Pet by day, Secret Agent by night. He's also on the Disney TV show: Phineas and Ferb. It's really a cute show and our family loves it. All of us. It has humor for everyone. Anyway, I've been asked, by my oldest to make a chocolate chip cookie cake. Of course, how could I say no?!  It's chocolate chips and Perry!

I'm also going to make my first cake to sale. It's a Blues Clues cake for a family friend. It's his first birthday and I'm super excited about it! My husband has been telling me for a while that I need a baking business on the side. My mama has also been telling me. Then, I made homemade cinnamon rolls for a youth breakfast, and my pastor's wife said you need to sell these. My pastor said, "Your calling is cinnamon rolls. Maybe would could use these for communion!" HA! Maybe not so much for communion!  So, I'm praying about if I want to do something like this in the near future. Hmmm.....

My cooking blog has almost been forgotten. GASP.  Not on purpose, of course. I do have multiple recipes and pictures to update it. I just haven't yet. I will soon. With school starting back, I'm actually more on my "normal" schedule. I like it. I like structure during the week and knowing what's coming next. :)

It has been feeling wonderful here in Alabama. It feels slightly like fall. Normally, it's 100 degrees and you can't breathe. It's barely reaching 90 and a breeze is blowing. I love fall. And soup. I think I'll make a beef stew for lunch. And by beef, I mean deer. My sister in law is always in shock at the wild game we eat. I think it shocks her more when she realized she's probably eaten it also, we just didn't tell her. I know it's mean....HA! I'm sorry Mo, it's funny! :)

Speaking of my Sis-in-law and my brother, they are on Facebook! Signal the hallelujah chorus! The end is coming. Life as we know it over. Just kidding. :)

I am so excited about something special happening this weekend. I literally, can't say more than that because it would give to much away.  So excited. Yay! Of course, when I can,  I'll have a big blog post about it!

My son and our new dog Cookie got in quite a pickle last night. I have no picture yet, my camera's battery is dead. {sigh} She's some kind of shepherd mix. She's cute. She wasn't cute when she came out of her collar and was barking on my front porch last night. I go to take her back to her collar and stake out, lead thing and it is wrapped about, not lying, 20 times around the kids' red tricycle. Not just wrapped, but tied. Naturally, as I'm trying my best to untie this contraption, I ask, "Who did this? There is no way the dog did this by herself!" Before, I was even finished speaking the girls piped up and said it was brother. About that time, the Boy said, "It was me and Cookie! We did it!" He was proud and I should have known. It was also wrapped around a tree. Seriously, never a dull moment.

I'm super glad it's Friday and my Husband is off work for two days. I need help in the trenches. On that note, School  is about to start, floors need to be done and bathrooms need to be cleaned. If you find my maid around, tell her she's 8 1/2 years late. {This is also the reason, I'm having movie night after the kids go to bed. I'm watching the Hunger Games and I'm eating popcorn all by myself. Thank you and Amen!}

P.S. If you haven't read the books read them! They're great! The movie isn't to far off from the books, so you should watch it too! You won't be disappointed! (You may even want to shoot a bow and arrow when you're done!)

Happy Friday!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Life is good...

If I had a theme to my life, it would be: "Life is Good". Because, well, it is.  I am beyond blessed. I sit in a beautiful house surrounded by a beautiful family, with more than I need and every thing I want. I have such a peaceful heart tonight. I am just so content with where and what God is doing in our lives. So, what has been going on in our lives? Well, why don't you pull up a seat and let me tell you!

We started back in full swing with home school this week. I officially have a 1st grader, a (K-4) Kindergartner (Her birthday falls a little later, but we are still working on {some} K-5 stuff!), and a preschooler. Can someone please tell me, where have my sweet little babies went? Seriously, I just had a newborn, 1yr old, and 2 yr old. It's so bitter-sweet really. I'm loving every minute of these ever changing phases in life. Honestly, I wasn't sure if I could handle 3 kids on 3 different learning levels. I am so happy that it's going beautifully! I saw this really cute idea on Pinterest: Take a picture of your kids with the grade they're in and what they want to be when they grow up. Then you can look back on past years and see how they have changed as well as what they want to be "when they grow up"! Here are my "babies"!
Sweet Pea: 1st grade; teacher

Sweetie Pie: K-4; Ballet teacher
The boy: preschool; a pirate( a real one, not nice, mad!)

We have been busy with church. We have been at our current church for almost 5 months and love it! We only live about 10 minutes away, which is awesome! We can actually help when it's needed and go more often. This summer we helped with the Kids Crusade.(aka Bible School!) It was a total success. I must admit, I was 100% exhausted when it was over. It was worth it, to see so many kids have fun and learn about Jesus all at the same time!

Just for you! I have some of my families everyday antics to tell you about!

  • My son has started to say "OH FLRAP"! Translation: Oh crap! Where did he get this from? It couldn't possibly be from his wonderful mommy who, on occasion, says it when she's frustrated. Occasionally....
  • Upon telling my eldest daughter that she needed to go back to bed{for the 400th time that night} she told me she couldn't. I said, "Go count some sheep!" She responded, "Um, could you just take my sheep{stuffed animal, of course...I hope} and throw it over me so I can count that instead of imagining fake sheep?"   Me."! Go to bed!" Her." It's not that she lightly frolics back to bed"
  • I would like to know, why is it that the lightest person in the entire house sounds like a herd of elephants running through the streets of New York when she walks? This is my Sweetie Pie. She, for some reason, literally stomps as hard as she can when she walks. I have no idea why! Her only other form of transportation is frolicking, like an elephant, down the hall. She thinks it's hilarious. I do not. 
  • My son, who was suppose to be putting a cup in the sink, decided to get very quite. He was only suppose to put it in the sink and then come back and help me clean his room. Did that! I'm slaving away through dirty underwear{why are boys so gross?} and it dawns on me he's not back. Me:"Um Son, where are you at?" Him: " I'm in da kitchen." Me: "OK, whatcha doing?" Him:" Oh just drinkin' syrup." Me: "What!?! Give me that! Where is the lid? turning in circles Give me the lid you crazy dog!" Yes, the dog had the lid, the boy had the bottle. sigh. Into the trash Mrs. Buttersworth went.
  •  As I'm leaving the trash, shaking my head at my interesting son, what's that I see? Why it's a straw. In the dog's bowl. I look at the cup my son was drinking from that recently had a straw in it. Missing...naturally. Me:" Did you drink out of the dog's water bowl with a straw?" Him:"Yup, I did!" At least he didn't lie.  
And on that note, I better get some sleep. After all, the kids are asleep and I need mine too. Especially, if they get a good nights rest! ;) 

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A helpful hint and a Titus 2sday Link Up...

Happy Tuesday everyone! I have been a busy little bee lately! After returning from vacation, it took a while to get back in the swing of things. Just in time to be turned upside down again when my husband's shift at work changed to night shift. Let me just tell you, bed time was fun last night! If you call wrestling monkeys into a twin size bed fun. They popped( I totally almost wrote pooped! Ha!) out of bed every 3 minutes for multiple things including but not limited to: potty breaks, drinks of water, it's too dark, I can't sleep, I'm not comfy, can I sleep in your bed since Daddy is gone. Yep, fun. :)

So, after trying to get settled in this past week, I was slightly haunted by my laundry pile. Why? Well, it had become taller than me and somehow multiplied itself times 2...every 2 hours. The question I ask myself all too often is: How can I make laundry easier on myself? It has to be done, we all know that. In our house, I'm the one to do it. My husband volunteers to help but, I feel like it's my job since I stay at home. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I do need his help and I'm not afraid to ask!

While at the beach, our condo had a dryer with a buzzer on it. A buzzer! It went off as soon as the dryer was finished. How incredibly awesome is that? Apparently, I have missed out! I thought to myself, wouldn't it be awesome to know when your laundry is done? Then I could just change the laundry, fold it,  and put it away. Maybe, I wouldn't be so distracted by other things and forget it. I am a mommy after all, mommy brain has a tendency to take over. And sometimes HGTV. That's beside the point.  

I realize a lot of people have buzzers on their dryer. This is no new thing to you. I'm just....well....happy about small things. :)

So my plan: Set a timer for my dryer. I had read this many times on many blogs and for some reason, it never clicked what they were talking about. Set a timer? How will that help me?  Ok, it takes me a little time to catch on to stuff, sometimes. What's that?...Oh, yes I do home school my children. Why do you ask? Why do you look a little scared? Oh, you'll pray for me and my kids. That's sweet. I think....

So I started out with 30 minutes on my oven's timer. It's central to everything, so I knew I would be able to hear it. It wasn't quite long enough so I added 15 more minutes and voila! My clothes are dried! So I switch out my clothes, set another 45 minute timer, and fold my recently dried clothes. What do I do while waiting, my other chores, of course. Or perhaps, catch an episode of House Hunters. Which ever happens to come first. ;)

With my helpful new tip to myself, I did approximately 11 loads of laundry and was completely done by 3:00pm. I started at around 8:30am. Not to shabby, if I do say so myself! :) I hope my helpful tip helps you with your hauntingly huge mound of laundry.

If you have a helpful hint, advice you would like to share, or if you would like to read some awesome articles head over to The Time Warp Wife and join in!

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Things I like and some I don't....

  1. I like that it's Friday again....only a few days and I'll be on the beach!
  2. I like the fact that we'll be without technology for a week. I'm not disappointed AT ALL about this!
  3. I like the fact that we have air conditioner in triple digit heat waves.
  4. I like that my laundry is caught up.
  5. I like that my house has remained clean for more than 2 hours this week. 
  6. I like that I can drink coffee whenever I want. 
  7. I like when I can go shopping with my husband. He's pretty awesome. 
  8. I like when I can sleep in. Did I mention we're going on vacation?
  9. Vacation = Naps. I'm not AT ALL disappointed in this either!
  10. I like that I can listen to live worship at
  11. The internet can be a marvelous thing!
  12. I do not like the Magic Mike film that's coming out. I have not seen it. I do not want to see it. Movies like this come out and people wonder why infidelity is so rampant. This alone doesn't cause infidelity but it can't help it any. What ever happened to being modest?
  13. I do not like that "Obamacare" went through. There is so much I don't agree with and no amount of blog posts can explain how much I don't agree with it. 
  14. I do like that I serve the God who can provide for my needs regardless of what an earthly kingdom goes through!  
  15. I do like that I have found an interesting set of books to read. It's called The Circle Series by Ted Dekker. You can find a list of his books at
  16. I like that my kids set up a "church" in their bedroom! So sweet and cute!
  17. I like that my kids are each different than the other. I love that they have their own unique personalities and each bring an amazing quality to our family. 
  18. I like that my girls take care of my boy. They are little mommies!(When they aren't dressing him up like a ballerina!...this makes me laugh so hard because there is nothing graceful about my sweet little boy!) 
  19. I do not like when my son pees under my kitchen table.(See... not a ballerina!) 
  20. I do not like when he then rubs his head in it. Why are boys so gross? Is it so they can get multiple baths during the day? I think that may be it....
Happy Friday, Happy Independence Day, and have a wonderful week!
P.S. Did I mention, I'll be at the beach? Well...I'll be at the beach so I'll see you on the flip side with pictures!
And hopefully, no stories of my son peeing off the balcony into the pool. (Dear Lord, Please.....)

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Friday, June 22, 2012

I am so happy it's Friday!

Hi! Can I just say I am beyond happy that today is Friday? Good! Because I just did! So happy! We are a very short 8 days away from seeing the beach. Ahhh. Here let me just show you so you can be just as happy as I am!

Isn't that gorgeous?! Yes it is! The kids are as excited as I am. Not as excited as the hubby though! We are coming out of another round of night shift. Thank God, it's not as bad as it was the previous round. I think we have adjusted rather well this time around. I must say, I am still ready to go back on days. This change up keeps things rather interesting. I think I like it!

I am currently making an extremely, dare I say, sinful chocolate cake for my Daddy's birthday tomorrow. It smells like I stepped out of laundry-ville, USA and right into Chocolate paradise. Sigh. Did I mention it's homemade, from scratch, no box stuff chocolate cake? Oh it is so good. I just can't seem to get my homemade cakes to come out of the pan whole. This one did better than previous cakes. It still had a few small spots that didn't come out clean. No worries, that's what icing is for!

I have a very small confession to make. This show right here:


Good Luck Charlie keeps me in stitches. It's on the Disney Channel. It's the only place we can find family appropriate shows anymore. The mom on the show, is hilarious! They are about to have a new baby on the show. The big event is coming on Sunday night. I may be thinking about making a big deal family night out of it. Maybe, I'll make some blue and pink cookies as a snack. They also don't know the gender of the baby. You really should try it out. You'll laugh, trust me! I love it because, as silly as some stuff is, it is not to far from the truth! :)

Our quaint little garden is doing incredibly awesome this year! We have squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon, cabbage, greens, carrots, beets. This is the first year that our garden has produced beyond one or two pieces of produce. I can't wait until my purple cabbage comes in. (Or is it called red? Hmm...not sure) Well, I'm not a full time farmer. Not that it hasn't passed through my mind....

I was looking at older pictures today and came across these precious little ones.

Look how little they were! So sweet! I want another one.....Wait....Nope never mind. The moment passed. My son just asked me to come look at his poop in the potty. Yup, that's one of those..I never thought I'd be happy to see poop in a potty moments......
Is it bedtime yet?

I feel a chic flick marathon coming my way....Well, any kind of movie marathon that doesn't include animated characters and poop.

Happy Friday!

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Hello, My name is Jessica....

I am the owner of this blog. I am alive and well. Not that you would know from my blogging hiatus. But I am. :) Boy, life has been a crazy whirlwind lately. It hasn't left very much time for blogging. That's life, I guess. We have been going through a very new season in our lives, not a bad one but a good one. In the past two months, we have gone from ordinary, everyday(for the past 7 years) life to something new. A new beginning. A new everyday routine. We have been sent to a new church, ended an old job and started a new one, started a new work schedule that includes a mix of days and nights, ended Kindergarten(my baby!), got rid of one vehicle just in time for the other one to die, got a new car, lost a very special person, gained a new family member(that's you Chuck!) started living a new life. And loving every minute of it. Looking back on the past two months, I can honestly say I wasn't sure how things would end up, but I KNEW God would handle it. And he has. We have been in a transition period with life and when I look forward, I can see an amazing future. My wonderful, amazing husband is no longer so stressed because of work that he can't enjoy life. We are adjusting to him switching out day shift and night shift. It's different and it is taking some getting use to. Since, we home school it's not a big deal if he works nights...we can be very flexible.  We actually see him more now than we ever did at his other job. It was truly a God send that he is working at this current company. Honestly, there is no other way to put it.  We are at an amazing church, that is in our community, that has a community outreach like none I have ever been a part of. It truly has a heart for people and loving those people, just like the bible says we should. One word- Amazing. We are exactly where God wants us to be and we are so excited to be a part of the church.
My Sweet Pea "graduated" Kindergarten. We didn't actually have a graduating ceremony but I did take her picture in a little cap and gown. That way I would have one of her in Kindergarten and when she actually graduates high school.  GASP. High School. Quick...someone hold me, I can't breathe. High School. deep breaths...breath...
My Sweet Pea, growing up way to fast. We are so blessed to have this  toothless little smile to look at everyday!

We start first grade at the end of August. We will be home schooling again. I really love it and so do they. It fits in perfectly with our life right now. 
We also lost an amazing man of God- my husbands' granddaddy. Granddaddy, was one of the most faithful men I have ever known. He helped to raise my husband and I will always be eternally grateful to him for what an amazing job he did. He holds a very special place in my heart. 

Even in the midst of new things, some things never change. Like, for instant, my son's ability to constantly gross me out. He is 3 and 1/2 for crying out loud! I thought I would have a few more years before this happened....I was wrong. Also, the fact that getting my kids to clean their rooms is like giving a shark a bubble's going to be painful and possibly deadly. They can destroy a room in 10 seconds flat. Can someone please endorse us for the Olympics? Anyone? Tide? Subway?....No? This has to be some kind of record! I am trying to get them to pick up their rooms every night before bath/bed time. Some nights it works, some it doesn't. Like Friday night, when Sweetie Pie dumped out a 5 gallon tub full of books, in the door way of her room. Right before bedtime. Sometimes, it's just better to go to bed and deal with the mess in the morning. Sigh. Of course, in the morning turned into Monday afternoon...but whatever. I am determined to make this pick up every night before bed thing work. It may take me all summer long but that's OK. These thing take time. I just hope all summer long doesn't turn into 17 years later....
So I think that has brought us up to speed. Old way of living turning into a new way of living while some things remain the same. I think that covers it. I hope to see you tomorrow. 

Meanwhile....Enjoy life, love while you can, and it never hurts to do a little laundry in between it all....
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Friday, May 4, 2012

I can't believe it's the first Friday in May...

Seriously? Where has the time gone? It's so true that the older you get, the more time flies by. Not that I'm getting older. I had to ask my husband how old I was not to long ago. I honestly couldn't remember. Mommy brain does a number on you, no lie. He said, "Aren't you 28?" I said, "What the what?! No, I'm not 28....Wait! Am I? When was I born? Oh, I guess I am. When did that happen?" I'm pretty sure he laughed at me. FYI: Not nice to laugh at your wife when she just figured out she was 28. Come on! But alas, I am. I'm just happy I survived this long. Even though, my birthdays are kind of a blur, my kids I remember perfectly. Every detail. Crazy how that works!

Speaking of birthdays(Did you like how I blended that? I could be on the news. I would so rock. Until a ridiculous story came on and I got tickled. Not just a chuckle but a full on laugh that only gets worse with silence. I am so inappropriate like that!) Anyway, my son thinks it's his birthday. Everyday. For the past month. He has asked me no less than 2 dozen times, "Are you makin my birfday take today?" I have to break his little heart and tell him no, you have 6 more months before your birthday. He looks at me, sighs deeply and tells me, but it's my birfday. *Sigh* Poor guy has no concept of time. I have no idea where he gets that from. *See above paragraph about time.

So it has been a while since I have blogged. The family has been going through a transition stage. My hubby just got a new job, that he started yesterday. It has been such a blessing. I am so proud of him and the decisions he has made regarding his job. He's been off a few weeks. So, when he went to work yesterday, the kids went to crazy town. I think they road the crazy train. And some how, I was the conductor. They showed out and whined from 8am to well 8pm. Even after their daddy came home. It also rained. They were stuck inside all day. Then, my sinuses/allergies went south fast! But, we survived and are praying for a much more peaceful day today. Dear Lord, please?

So that's the main reason I haven't blogged. I've really enjoyed getting to spend that time with my husband and kids. We plated our garden while he was off. Got the yard looking oh so nice. And had many meals together. Basketball. Soccer. Sprinkler. Church. Movies.  It was a really memorable time. :)

The home school year is coming to a close. My Sweet Pea has finished all the curriculum for Kindergarten. So for the next 2-3 weeks we are going to do lots of reading, and some practice/review math. I have really enjoyed our first year of school. She has learned so much and has also helped her siblings learn so much. We are looking forward to enjoying lots of time in the water this summer. Hopefully, with cousin E. He loves the water as much as they do!

I guess that about sums up what we have done lately, family time. And really, that's what is important. :)
To help your Friday along I'm going to leave you with the Antics of the Fowler Children!!!

Sweetie Pie: *giggles*
Me: What is it?
Sweetie: I sneezed egg out of my mouth and it landed beside my plate
laughs from all children
Me: That's why you cover your mouth when you sneeze, silly!
Sweetie: And get it in my hand?! I DON'T THINK SO!
The girl is anti-dirt, or food touching, or anything that smells funny(like potatoes). And apparently, catching eggs in her hand when she sneezes. 

We are riding down the road, and the hubs and I are talking about Mythbusters and how they busted a myth about pizza boxes in the delivery carrier things,(you know the red storage things? Right? You do know what I'm talking about. Do those have a proper name? Red storage thingy's sound great to me!)stopping a bullet.
Husband: How did you like that? It took 15 boxes in red storage thingy's(P.S. He would never say red      
storage thingy's) to stop a bullet!
Me: Yeah that was pretty...suddenly interrupted...
Sweet Pea: Let's talk about how many pizza's it would take to take away my hunger. I think a lot!
I look at my husband, he looks at me
Laughter! Where does she come up with this? That started the giggles and I want pizza pizza!! Me too! Can we have pizza, pizza? Excuse me, you ate breakfast exactly 5 minutes ago!
I am convinced all 3 of my children are bottomless pits.

I look over, while cleaning the kitchen, and see my son sitting by Corndog(our pet weeny dog, not a really corn dog...but probably only because he didn't have one.) The boy is petting him while he eats. I think oh, that's so sweet. A boy and his dog. Note to self: never think anything is sweet. Be prepared for all things disgusting and everything opposite of sweet!- This should be the disclaimer on all boys!
I turn around and go about cleaning. I hear," Her Torndog, I got you a straw to drink out of. Here drink out of da straw. You tan do it." In the nicest tone ever. Like he's being a big brother. 
I shake my head and when I turn to look, He(the boy not the dog) is drinking out of the dog's water bowl. With a straw! I yell," Don't drink out of the dog's bowl with a straw!" Yeah, that's one of those, hmm, I never thought I would say that moments!
It startles him, he jumps and my husband and I laugh hysterically. I think it had been one of those days, were you say a million times, Stop running!!!, Don't sit on your sisters head!!! Stop Whining!!! Why are you naked??!! We don't go outside in our underwear!!!
What else can you do but laugh? Right, laugh some more because he just tried a piece of dog food, gaged and spit it out.
Here's to a happy Friday, minus sneezed egg and dog food.
I hope.
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Monday, April 16, 2012

The current state of my house...

The current state of my house is.....disastrous. That is putting it kindly. I have 2 bags of "stuff" from cleaning out our truck sitting by the front door. Currently, there is a toy guitar, 4 baby dolls, a stuffed animal kitten and rabbit, 2 blankets, a few pieces of popcorn and a baby doll stroller in the living room. And that's only what is seen. I have 3 cereal bowls, 3 cups, and a bible on the table. Let's not even try to guess what's under the table. I may get scared and decide to run away. We don't need that today. The sink is full of dishes. The counter is cluttered with crumbs and dishes. Yesterday was Sunday, after all. Hence, all the dishes. Day of Rest, remember? ;) I have, literally, clothes everywhere. In the bathrooms, bedrooms, and laundry room. Disastrous. The hallway has exactly 230,000 toys, no less. There are 2 children in the hallway who are playing. By playing, I mean half arguing, half playing. They are fighting over how big their cousin Baby E's birthday cake should be. His birthday was in January by the way.  The other child is in her room playing by herself. Only after 5 minutes of the longest whine ever..." IIIIIIIIII wwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnntttt to play bbbbbbbbbyyyyyyy mmmmmmyyyyyyyyssssssseeeeeeeeeeellllllllffffffffff." Yikes! There are sticky spots on living room/kitchen floors, that I'm not entirely sure where they came from. There are stains on the carpet from the cups I told them to bring out of their rooms and into the kitchen where they belong. And then they didn't.  At the moment, I am afraid to enter any of the kids rooms. I may never return. This would also be very bad, seeing as my house looks like boarder line hoarders already. Let's not forget the wonderful back ground sounds of Sesame Street. So, after all this, you must think I'm complaining. Right?  Wrong. In the past (and by past I mean a few days ago, even. Maybe this morning. Not that I would admit that!) I would get overwhelmed by all the stuff I have to do. I stay at home, so I should have a cleaner house than most. Not true. I should have laundry done and caught up. You have obviously never met my kids. See, we live in our house. We don't just sleep here. We live here. We have parties with stuffed animals under a fort here. We have family movie nights here. We have supper around the table every night. Not just one night. So there will be dishes, everywhere. Things will always have to be done. But something that I have to remind myself of often, is my kids will never be this little ever again. I will always have laundry. I will always have dishes. I will for many more years have toys in places they shouldn't be. Chances are, my kids will always have rooms that don't meet my cleanliness standards. The good news? I love them. I take care of them and help to meet their needs. They need for nothing. So the current state of my house is.........just fine. You may not be able to walk in the living room without being stuck to the floor for a few seconds, but my kids are happy. And that's all that really matters! So take a step back, breath, and thank God you are able to have a messy living room. They grow up too fast, enjoy them while you can. (Even if your son is eating popcorn out of his daddy's shoe!) :) Happy Monday!

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Random update post.....

I decided to do a random update post. No order, no direct purpose. Just an update. Anyway my mind sees fit to  do it. So here goes!

I went through all of Monday thinking it was Tuesday. I was severely disappointed when my husband came home and I asked him if it was Tuesday. He told me no, it's Monday. I cried a little.

This week in home school, we are doing an Octonauts unit. (I just found out, they have their own website. I will forever keep this a secret from my kids. Until, someone has a melt down overload, in which case I will pull it out of my weapons arsenal and win.) I got the unit from1+1+1=1. She has some really great lessons for preschool and Kindergarten. This was a winner for all the children.

Even the boy, who asked to do more. Score! He sat still for at least 30 minutes!

Unlike yesterday, when he was jumping rope with floss. Floss.

Sweet Pea started soccer last week. She is the tallest team member and one of only 2 girls. She loves it. So do we.

Little League Soccer is like comedy hour at the soccer field. Hilarious! They have the attention span of gnats. They will be playing soccer one minute and the next no one can find them because they have ran off the field to go get a free hot dog at the concession stand. True Story. Thank God it was one of my kids. Although, I wouldn't put it past them. :)

The weather around these parts feels like it's already July! It's only April, by the way. I can only hope and pray that August feels like April, and not the face of the sun, when it comes around.

The kids love it. They beg to go outside. I let them. They sleep so great when they do. ;)

My floors on the other hand, hate me. I have to sweep 2-3 times a day! And each time, it looks like I haven't swept in 10 years!

Sweetie Pie, I have come to the conclusion, must smell like bug heaven to bugs. Bugs are attracted to that sweet(well, sometimes sweet) girl. You have to use a bottle of bug spray just to walk to the mailbox! Poor girl!

She woke up yesterday with a bite the size of a quarter. It doesn't help her skin is sensitive. The Fowler Family keeps Benadryl in business. They love us.

I've been baking a lot. My husband loves me. And the kids. I still haven't posted the recipes I've baked yet. I need to.

Someone please tell me, you hate to fold socks too! Anyone? It never ceases to amaze me how socks disappear. Then I looked in this basket:

Oh! There they are! I have now found the missing socks! Who put them all in the basket on top of the dryer? Anyone? Anyone? It wasn't me! I don't let socks pile up for months and months until I finally given in and take 15 minutes tops, to fold and put them away! Never! Well....almost, never.

Today, I plan on conquering my closet and my husbands closet. Pray for me. It's kinda ridiculous. On a plus note, the reason it's cluttered a bit,  is I keep gifts in there that, I got on sale, that I can use all year long. Go me! You can't open the door fully to see what's in there....but that's beside the point!

Well, that's all for now! I have laundry(minus mix matched socks Thankyouverymuch!) to do, closets to clean, and school to teach. My job is never done, and that's alright with me!

Happy Wednesday!

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sprummer and the magical power of dirt....

What? You've never heard of Sprummer? Really? Then you must not live in Alabama. We have had a very mild winter and with that came roughly 2 weeks(give or take a few days) of spring like weather and then we went straight into summer weather. Hot. For the past week we have had weather in the 80s! I must admit, it has been nice. We've had the windows open, the kids playing outside, and Popsicle's on the front porch. Sigh. It has been such a fun week. The rain is suppose to come in this week, so thankfully, we will be relieved of some this pollen. Pollen, aka the death of my sinuses. We live in the middle of pine trees. This means lots of pollen. The kids come in at night covered in dirt and pollen. It's not pretty. But, I do believe that there is a "magical power" in dirt. When kids get covered in dirt from playing all day long, it makes them extra sleepy. When they come in and get their baths, within 5-10 minutes after baths they are out like Shout! I love it! It's much better than being cooped up inside, trying to entertain 3 kiddos. :) At least in Alabama, we have warm weather 6-9 months out of the year. Give or take a month or three. I haven't put pictures up in a while so I'm going to empty out my camera and give you an update of our month, so far. Enjoy!

This is my sweet nephew, Baby E! He is so sweet. He loves me the most. :)

Baby E getting a kiss from Corndog, our fearless watch dog. 

I made 70 chocolate chip cookies for my baby brother's wedding. 

I live with Batman....

....and 2 extremely silly princesses!
Last Wednesday, we woke up to these white spots all over the yard. Know what it was?

Spider webs. Yuck, eewww, and gross. Excuse me while I go to the store and buy bug spray.....Right after I take another shower, because that just gave me the creeps! 

We went on a bug hunt. Because seeing spider webs all over the yard wasn't creepy enough. 

A boy and his dog. 

The kids and their fearless leader, Corndog. 

Mimi and Paw have new chickens. We love fresh eggs!

My new porch swing my sweet husband got me for our anniversary! I love that man. 

Mmmmm. Popsicle's on the front porch. Love it!

We canned  lots and lots of strawberry jam.

I saved the best for last! Are you ready?



Bahahaha! I don't know how I captured this just right, but I did. Sweetie Pie is trying to  act like she is mad, while  the Boy is trying to crouch away from Baby E's incoming hand! Look at his face! It was hilarious! All the boy said was, "HEY!" Then  baby E got a, " Don't be hitting him Baby E!" from Mimi. We all laughed. These boys, these boys! What are we going to do with them?

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I know we have had a great weekend and a great month of March, so far! We are so blessed! Have a wonderful week!

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