Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Random Post on a not so random Tuesday...

I love fall. It feels as if good ole' Alabama may actually see true fall weather in September. I think the highest temp in the next 7 days is only going to be in the low 80s. I know people from Wisconsin are laughing at us saying, "That is so not fall!" But for me, it totally is!

Speaking of Wisconsin, my husband wants to move to Green Bay. Mostly, for the Packers. Ok, all for the Packers. He hates being cold and yet wants to move for the sake of football.  It is near the water and I do like football.... It also snows in winter. I like snow.  It would be fun to see them play a game.... hmmm....

So I was reading in Proverbs(16:31) yesterday. There is a verse that says silver hair is a crown of glory. My crown has started. I'm not sure to be vain and cry or embrace it fully.  It's only one silver hair. I think I have it pretty well hidden. It's not that bad.

My oldest daughter, Sweet Pea, told me she brushed her teeth with Clorox. I panicked. I never leave bleach where they can reach it. Ever. After her daddy and myself asked, "What!!??" with panicked looks on our faces, she explained it. "Well, that's what it said on the toothpaste." sigh of relief. "Sweet girl, you need to read a little slower because that says Colgate."

I now have added to my crown of glory.

My baby brother #2 is getting married. Yay! Congrats to Ryan and my future sister in law Colbie! I'm so happy for them!

My son keeps asking me when we are getting married. That sweet boy. I have to explain that I'm already married to Daddy. He says, "Ok! When are you going to marry me?" God love his sweet self.

I had to separate him and his sister last night. He was laying on her and hanging off the side of the couch. I can't explain it. He was defying gravity somehow.  I don't know how he wasn't falling off. So I picked them up and sat them on the couch. Maybe I used a little too much force because they {may have} bounced up and down when I let go. They laughed and said do it again!

Oh look, my glory crown is growing...yay....

We're going to the "liberry" today. The kids love to go. I do to. I wish I could go in there with a warm sweater, a cup of coffee, and just read for hours and hours. That would be nice. It's so quite and cool in there. I can't do it with the kids, obviously.  The librarian would be like, "Ma'am, you son is climbing up that very unstable bookshelf. Your girls are arguing over who gets the Fancy Nancy book and...oh look! The bookcases are toppling over like dominoes!" I would be like, " Who knew they actually did that?" Ha, Ha, Ha, ahem. Here is my library card, it was nice to know you. Have a happy life."

I should go inform my kids we are going. My son just walked by in a Superman T-shirt, Spiderman underwear, Buzz Lightyear house shoes, and three hats. Yes, three. He says he's going ice skating on the floor. Thank God we don't have bookcases in the living room.

Oh look, my glory crown is growing...again...
Now I may just cry.

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