Friday, September 14, 2012

Typical Friday Night....

It's mostly quiet in my house. I hear our dog Cookie barking at rabbits or dogs or squirrels or me(because I want let her in the house!). She's very protective. I like that, a lot! I've had the kids in bed since 8:30pm. I've put them back in bed at least 23.42 million times.

Daughter #2 says, "I'm thirsty." Go get your drink. "It's aaalllll gggooonneee!" She immediately turns to Jello. deep breaths, Jess, deep breaths.  Then get some water. "I don't waaaannnntttt waterrrrrrrr." *In a very stern voice* You may have water or you may not have water, but it is time to go to sleep. Now! "I'll take waterrrr." Her bones decide to grow back. She is no longer a puddle on the kitchen floor. 

Daughter #2,"I forgot to get Sissy's water." {They are "spending the night" together.} Get it and please, go to bed.

Son says, "I don't want to watch Bugs Bunny."
a low growl comes from Mama Bear. "How about Penguins of Madagascar?"
Son says, "That would be good!"

I think they are finally asleep! Netflix, here I come! I have Parenthood episodes to catch up on. 

 I hear bumps from my sons room. I'm pretty sure he is still not asleep. Or he is asleep and is sleep walking. If that's the case then he is tripping over the room full of toys. He, literally, picked up his toy box and flipped it over. I'm not even exaggerating! It was still half full when he did it. They boy has the strength of the Hulk when he is in his true to self, little boy form! Where do kids get all their energy and strength? I may never know.

I {just} consoled a crying daughter. She was in a pool of crocodile tears. Why? Her sister "accidentally"  pulled the flashlight away from her and it bounced off her bottom lip. She was and I quote, "Just trying to shake the light back on." {Um...Sweetie there haven't been batteries in that thing in 6 months. I don't think shaking it will make the light come on!} I think her heart was more broken than the lip was busted. Very little blood, all is good!

It's been a whole five minutes since I've heard a door creak open and little feet frolicking my....never mind. 

That very same daughter who was just crying decided she was "hungawe" It's not supper time, it's bed time. Back to bed.

Daughter #1 is up. She lost the back to her earring.....again. "Sweet Pea, how many times have I told you, 'Don't mess with your earrings?' I'll tell you, too many to count!"

Digging through jewelry box looking for another back to earring. Ha! Found one! Woot!
"Now, back to bed. Don't play with your earrings!"

Son comes tip toeing out of his room. I want to watch the new Alvin and the Chipmunks!" I say, "Dear Son, we don't have that." He replies with a sigh, "But, get the movie suitcase, we do have it!" In the most loving voice I can muster through gritted teeth, I might add, "I can't find it. It's probably under the floor of toys you just dumped out!" WHINE, CRY, TURN INTO JELL-O, CRY, WHINE. 

"Oh look! The Muppets! You LOVE the Muppets! How about this?"
His bones also magically appear again. He is now human again and not slimy Jell-o.
Son says, "Yes! That would be good!"
Off to bed...again.

It's been another 5 minutes of peace and qu....sigh...why? I'm about to turn into a blob of Jell-o and see if I can get my way.

Daughter #2 says, "I miss Daddy." Mama lovingly says, "Me too...he'll be home soon, go back to bed."

"I really miss Daaaaddddddddyyyyy."
"He'll be here soon, Sweetie. Bed. Now." Mommy is running out of patience.

Turn around and go to bed. Now. I know you miss Daddy, he'll be home soon. Good Night. I love you. 


If you need me, I'll be the puddle of melted Jell-o..... hiding under the table, waiting on my hubby to get home. Thank you Lord, that today is Friday!

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