Friday, September 28, 2012

Fun times at the Fowler house.....

I'm ready for the weekend. How about you? You probably are right?! Well, I like to have all of my "stuff" done before the weekend starts. But here I am, writing on the blog. Not mopping the floor, or cleaning the bathrooms. Did I mention, I have a sink of dirty dishes because I didn't do them last night? Well, I do. I had a headache and laying on the couch topped my list of things to do last night. Not the dishes. Maybe it's the rain that is suppose to be coming in, but I am having serious headache issues. They are a pain in the...head. So, while the kids are watching Lion King 1 1/2 and eating a "picnic" lunch in the living room floor, I am bringing to you, The many antics of the Fowler children. Who knew three small children could cause so Yeah, we'll go with humor.

  1. When looking at clearance section at Target. There are little girl training bras. My Sweet Pea(one day she may die from finding this out, but until then, it's hilarious. And that's my job, right?) said, "Um I don't think that's going to fit you. It will be too small." Yeah...that's not for me, it might be for you one day. "OH, then I want this." As she points to a size A cup. Her father had a palpitation and  has yet to recover. I may think this is hilarious and I may be laughing at this very moment. 
  2. Sweet Pea loves to read. She can read almost anything. She reads everything. Everything. This is good until a Viagra or Cialis commercial comes on. Not good.. Ever. This just added to her father's palpitation. In fact he has gone straight into heart attack form.  We have to tell her, "Don't read that, close your eyes!" Or the commercial that says, "If you have a mesh bladder sling..." Not fun for a 6 1/2 year old to read.  On a side note: Why must they put those kind of commercials on at 5 o'clock in the afternoon? Can they not wait until after 8pm...just curious! Her sister gets tired of her reading everything. She rolls her eyes and says, "Do you have to read everything?" 
  3. Speaking of my Sweetie Pie. She has got to be the pickiest eater in the entire world. Some days, I find myself praying that Peanut Butter would have the same nutritional value as broccoli and squash. That is all she eats. She will eat fries. But this week she refused to eat fries because they were, "Too squishy." I told her no, they aren't. Now eat them. A few minutes later, she says, "look I ate them." She had spread the fries in a circle around her plate leaving only the middle of her plate empty. AHEM. I said, "No you didn't. You just moved them around your plate." Her response, "Oh, man! I hoped you wouldn't figure it out." 
  4. She also has issues sleeping. As in she doesn't want to sleep by herself at all. Ever. We let her sleep on a pallet in our bedroom floor, if she comes in late at night. Well, it was 11:30pm and she had yet to fall asleep. So, I said, "Fine, just lay down on a pallet and go to sleep in here." I didn't realize our little weeny dog Corndog followed her in. All of a sudden I hear her laughing hysterically. The dog was snuggled up next to her back licking her. What's wrong with that you ask? Nothing is wrong with that at 1 in the afternoon. Not at midnight. I should be asleep. Not up and angry. The dog was kicked out. I am not sad about it. 
  5. My sweet boy. Sigh. At the moment he is telling his sister the steps. AKA the rules. Step 1. Don't step on the pillows. Step 2. Don't touch the TV. Step 3. Don't get on the couch. He must think the living room is his. And only his.
  6.  He seems to think that everyone needs to be reminded to keep their manners. He tells me, "My girls don't know to eat with their mouth closed." Um...pretty sure you're the one that doesn't know how. 
  7. He just said, "Rule 7, no touching my radio.....Hey Mommy, can you help me find my radio?
  8. He has also decided to give me daily science lessons. Yeah. That is about as much fun as it sounds. Lesson #1: When we eat and drink it goes in our tummy and we poop or pee it out. Lesson #2:  "Hey Mommy, when you sit on a toilet you gotta read a book." good to know
  9. When saying the pledge of allegiance, he finds it hilarious to say it in the highest voice possible. This only makes his sisters laugh and his mommy mess up the pledge from laughing. 
  10. He likes to proudly announce, "I'm going to poop in the potty." He then returns and tells me, "See, it only takes a few minutes." I was just schooled in Science Lesson #3. 
  11. He will also say, "The Bible. Chapter 1. Eat pizza pizza. Chapter 3. Eat Peanuts."
  12. While I was cleaning his room, he grabs the bible and said, "Let me look in the bible. Yup, it says you have to clean my room. That's what it says."
At least he knows to look for answers in the bible. And he likes science. Sam does too, as long she doesn't have to eat anything that consist of healthy. Ha! I have floors to mop and bras to hide. And on that note, I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I think I know why I have a headache. I just told my son to get off his sister's head. Yup, that's where the headache comes from... 

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