Monday, December 19, 2011

Griswold's meet the Fowler's

....sigh.....Sigh......SIGH.....SIGH! Did you hear me sigh? Oh, you did. Do you want to know why? Two son. Someone has turned up his little boy dial to 200 and forgot to warn me. He has been a pistol lately! He gets into everything and before I turn around he is into something totally different. He is definitely making me earn my "mom card". Sunday was a rather rough day for me and his daddy him. So I'll tell the story of his day in a Not My Son Monday way. If your child has not been having an awful time lately or if you have not been having a hard time keeping up with said child, then join in the therapeutic fun.

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

My son did not get put in the corner in Sunday school. This mama did not even ask what he did but instead told him that is not how you should act at all, especially in church.

My son did not throw crayons in little children's church on Sunday. My husband and I did not teach the class and put him in the corner for all to see.

My son did not leave the corner only to throw another cup of crayons across the room. He would never be disrespectful to others. He listens to us when we teach these things.

My son did not take a piece of the soft foam stuff that looks like a puzzle apart and try to hide under it. We did not see only feet sticking out in the middle of the room. I did not muffle a laugh because it was kind of funny!

My son did not come home and poop in his pants. Nope not my son. He is fully potty trained. He poops in the potty like a civilized three year old. Well, you know what I mean.

My son did not, during a family Christmas party at our house last night, come running out of his room wearing only Spiderman underwear. My son then, did not pull his underwear up as high as they could go in front of the whole family. He then, did not bend over in front of everybody in the house and make his butt "talk". TALK. That's hand on each underwear covered butt cheek and move them back and forth. In front of everyone. Everyone. The entire room did not bust out laughing. I did not completely die of embarrassment. After the guest left, I did not get right in his face and tell him that is not how little gentlemen acted. We do not make our hiney's talk and we do not run around in our underwear for everyone to see.

After he went to bed, I did not laugh and then pray oh, Lord, please don't let him be the Cousin Eddy(from Christmas Vacation) of the family. Then I thought, Cousin've met your

Cousin "The Boy"

Merry Christmas from The Griswold's   The Fowler's

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  1. This was great I laughed until my side hurt again!! Love me some Fowler blogs!!!

  2. This is hysterical! My 3 yr old son and your son sound like they could be good friends!! He is into everything too! And both of my oldest boys are very into "potty talk". No sentence is complete without butt, fart, poop, etc. :)


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