Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Birmingham Zoo....minus a few monkeys

I am so behind on my blog post and pictures. I finally upload pictures from my camera and had, are you ready? Are you sure? Ok. I had 584 pictures on my camera. Oh. My. That is a little extreme, even for me. I had forgotten all the great pictures I took at the zoo. So here's a few for you, a few months behind. Better late than never! Right?.....Wait, did you not hear me? Better Late Than Never, RIGHT? Right!

Sweetie Pie is seriously interested in the map, Sweet Pea could care less and the Boy has a feather in his hand. These are all signs that it's going to be an interesting day! 
Daddy Lion looked a little hungry. Or maybe he was annoyed that he got a bad hair cut? I 'll go with the later. ;)
Fist stop was the African Lion exhibit. They had a whole pride of  lions at the zoo. It was pretty awesome to see! Although Mama Lion looked a little nervous.

"Look Mommy! A trash can!" SIGH  The boy never misses a trash can.

"If I hide behind this stick, they'll never see me!"
This gorilla had us laughing our tails off! He seriously stayed behind the stick for about 5 minutes, barely moving! Hilarious!

What you are about to see can only be found at an Alabama Zoo. A ZOO! I wish I could make this up. I really, really do. Also, no where else in the world would a parent make their child take a picture on one of these. Caution: You may laugh. If not, then maybe we just have a sick sense of humor because we laughed for days over this. You may continue!

That's right folks, only at the Birmingham Zoo will you find an out house! Thankfully not a real, working non working out house but still they had one.  We made the kids each take a picture  Each child eagerly waited their turn to have a picture taken on the "think tank", the oval office, the throne, the super bowl the toilet. Sweetie Pie was the only one who really was eager to have her picture taken. She came up with this pose on her on.  She's her father's daughter.

And this was at the end of the day. Sweet Pea, gracefully dancing in the back , The boy ringing a bell he was told 43.5 times "that's enough!" and Sweetie Pie, mad because she's not dancing and ringing the bell at the same time.

And that my friends was our zoo trip in a nutshell! Fun, huh? It was a lot a fun. Especially when they all went to sleep on the way home. And the husband and I went to Sonic and got an icy treat and didn't even have to share!  Yup! It was a lot of fun!
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