Monday, December 12, 2011

Not me Monday...

Welcome to Not Me Monday! A place where you can, join the many mom's all over the blog world who have done thing's they never thought they would and lived to {sometimes embarrassingly} tell about it. So, if you would like to join up, head over to Mcmama's blog and join in the blogging fun. So this is what I have {not}been doing this week:

I {did not} skip a week of exercising. I would{never} do such a thing. I {did not} feel the sluggishness that came with not exercising. Nope, not me.

My son was {not} a walking disaster this past week.

He was{not} standing still with his hands in his pants and then just out of no where fall flat on his face. He also did {not} scrap the top layer of skin off his top lip with his teeth. He did {not} bleed all over the place and then only 1 minute after he stopped say, "Was I a dood* patient? Do I det* a stick-der*?" *good, get, and sticker*

I most certainly did {not} say, "Yes, of course!" and then giggle about it because he was so darn cute! He then did {not} run off to play with the girls.

He most certainly did {not} try to bite his toenail and it most certainly did {not} bleed all over the place. He most certainly did {not} on the very same night, fall over his toy "workyshopy" and scratch his face.

And he most certainly did{not} get his gracefulness from me.

I do {not} melt when I see my 3 kiddos play together nicely. I do {not} LOVE when The Boy calls his sisters, "his girls". He says, "Mommy, where are my durls?" So sweet. Then the girls come running and then they run off together in peaceful harmony. And I do {not} melt again.

Exactly 7 minutes later, my melty(is that a word?) self does not return back to normal because, Sweetie Pie did {not} hit her brother with a pretend doll car seat.

Exactly 10 minutes later, after time-out was over, Sweetie Pie did {not} slam her sister into the wall. Why? Because, she didn't want to play with her. SIGH.

The boy did {not} break Sweet Pea's Chinese yo-yo that she got from church yesterday. Sweet Pea did {not} have a drama queen melt down of epic proportions. I do {not} know where she gets being a drama queen from. Not me.....

My son did {not} ask me if I had googly eyes and then he did {not} try to poke me eye just to be sure.

My night did {not} end with doing a family science experiment. I did {not} add vinegar to baking soda. My kids most certainly would {never} like something so messy. Never...

We also did {not} start "The Bouncing Egg" experiment last night either. We did {not} put a raw egg in water and a raw egg in vinegar to see what happens to the shell. Nope, we don't even like science.....

I am {not} excited that Bones has new episodes on Netflix. Today I am {not} excited that I can do laundry while watching Bones. Not me....

I am {not} slightly proud of myself for getting up and exercising this morning while reading my bible devotion at the same time.( Exercise bike!) I have {not} already drank a whole glass of water while writing this blog post. :)

That's all today my dears! But the week is still young.... :)
I hope ya'll have a good week!

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  1. okay I am looking up the bouncing egg experiment now. Sounds like something my blessings would love


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