Friday, August 24, 2012

It's Friday..Woop! Woop! ...

I'm so happy it's Friday! How about you? Yes?! Good!  First, it hasn't been a month since my last blog entry....say what?!  Tonight the kids and I are having a "Perry Party".{The husband will be at work....he never wants to trade spots with me! That's so not fair! ;)}  Who's Perry? It's more like "Hey, Where's Perry?" If you have kids, you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. Or if you don't have kids or maybe you don't have a TV, here's Perry:

Pet by day, Secret Agent by night. He's also on the Disney TV show: Phineas and Ferb. It's really a cute show and our family loves it. All of us. It has humor for everyone. Anyway, I've been asked, by my oldest to make a chocolate chip cookie cake. Of course, how could I say no?!  It's chocolate chips and Perry!

I'm also going to make my first cake to sale. It's a Blues Clues cake for a family friend. It's his first birthday and I'm super excited about it! My husband has been telling me for a while that I need a baking business on the side. My mama has also been telling me. Then, I made homemade cinnamon rolls for a youth breakfast, and my pastor's wife said you need to sell these. My pastor said, "Your calling is cinnamon rolls. Maybe would could use these for communion!" HA! Maybe not so much for communion!  So, I'm praying about if I want to do something like this in the near future. Hmmm.....

My cooking blog has almost been forgotten. GASP.  Not on purpose, of course. I do have multiple recipes and pictures to update it. I just haven't yet. I will soon. With school starting back, I'm actually more on my "normal" schedule. I like it. I like structure during the week and knowing what's coming next. :)

It has been feeling wonderful here in Alabama. It feels slightly like fall. Normally, it's 100 degrees and you can't breathe. It's barely reaching 90 and a breeze is blowing. I love fall. And soup. I think I'll make a beef stew for lunch. And by beef, I mean deer. My sister in law is always in shock at the wild game we eat. I think it shocks her more when she realized she's probably eaten it also, we just didn't tell her. I know it's mean....HA! I'm sorry Mo, it's funny! :)

Speaking of my Sis-in-law and my brother, they are on Facebook! Signal the hallelujah chorus! The end is coming. Life as we know it over. Just kidding. :)

I am so excited about something special happening this weekend. I literally, can't say more than that because it would give to much away.  So excited. Yay! Of course, when I can,  I'll have a big blog post about it!

My son and our new dog Cookie got in quite a pickle last night. I have no picture yet, my camera's battery is dead. {sigh} She's some kind of shepherd mix. She's cute. She wasn't cute when she came out of her collar and was barking on my front porch last night. I go to take her back to her collar and stake out, lead thing and it is wrapped about, not lying, 20 times around the kids' red tricycle. Not just wrapped, but tied. Naturally, as I'm trying my best to untie this contraption, I ask, "Who did this? There is no way the dog did this by herself!" Before, I was even finished speaking the girls piped up and said it was brother. About that time, the Boy said, "It was me and Cookie! We did it!" He was proud and I should have known. It was also wrapped around a tree. Seriously, never a dull moment.

I'm super glad it's Friday and my Husband is off work for two days. I need help in the trenches. On that note, School  is about to start, floors need to be done and bathrooms need to be cleaned. If you find my maid around, tell her she's 8 1/2 years late. {This is also the reason, I'm having movie night after the kids go to bed. I'm watching the Hunger Games and I'm eating popcorn all by myself. Thank you and Amen!}

P.S. If you haven't read the books read them! They're great! The movie isn't to far off from the books, so you should watch it too! You won't be disappointed! (You may even want to shoot a bow and arrow when you're done!)

Happy Friday!

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