Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Life is good...

If I had a theme to my life, it would be: "Life is Good". Because, well, it is.  I am beyond blessed. I sit in a beautiful house surrounded by a beautiful family, with more than I need and every thing I want. I have such a peaceful heart tonight. I am just so content with where and what God is doing in our lives. So, what has been going on in our lives? Well, why don't you pull up a seat and let me tell you!

We started back in full swing with home school this week. I officially have a 1st grader, a (K-4) Kindergartner (Her birthday falls a little later, but we are still working on {some} K-5 stuff!), and a preschooler. Can someone please tell me, where have my sweet little babies went? Seriously, I just had a newborn, 1yr old, and 2 yr old. It's so bitter-sweet really. I'm loving every minute of these ever changing phases in life. Honestly, I wasn't sure if I could handle 3 kids on 3 different learning levels. I am so happy that it's going beautifully! I saw this really cute idea on Pinterest: Take a picture of your kids with the grade they're in and what they want to be when they grow up. Then you can look back on past years and see how they have changed as well as what they want to be "when they grow up"! Here are my "babies"!
Sweet Pea: 1st grade; teacher

Sweetie Pie: K-4; Ballet teacher
The boy: preschool; a pirate( a real one, not nice, mad!)

We have been busy with church. We have been at our current church for almost 5 months and love it! We only live about 10 minutes away, which is awesome! We can actually help when it's needed and go more often. This summer we helped with the Kids Crusade.(aka Bible School!) It was a total success. I must admit, I was 100% exhausted when it was over. It was worth it, to see so many kids have fun and learn about Jesus all at the same time!

Just for you! I have some of my families everyday antics to tell you about!

  • My son has started to say "OH FLRAP"! Translation: Oh crap! Where did he get this from? It couldn't possibly be from his wonderful mommy who, on occasion, says it when she's frustrated. Occasionally....
  • Upon telling my eldest daughter that she needed to go back to bed{for the 400th time that night} she told me she couldn't. I said, "Go count some sheep!" She responded, "Um, could you just take my sheep{stuffed animal, of course...I hope} and throw it over me so I can count that instead of imagining fake sheep?"   Me." Um..no! Go to bed!" Her." It's not that hard...as she lightly frolics back to bed"
  • I would like to know, why is it that the lightest person in the entire house sounds like a herd of elephants running through the streets of New York when she walks? This is my Sweetie Pie. She, for some reason, literally stomps as hard as she can when she walks. I have no idea why! Her only other form of transportation is frolicking, like an elephant, down the hall. She thinks it's hilarious. I do not. 
  • My son, who was suppose to be putting a cup in the sink, decided to get very quite. He was only suppose to put it in the sink and then come back and help me clean his room. Did that happen...no! I'm slaving away through dirty underwear{why are boys so gross?} and it dawns on me he's not back. Me:"Um Son, where are you at?" Him: " I'm in da kitchen." Me: "OK, whatcha doing?" Him:" Oh just drinkin' syrup." Me: "What!?! Give me that! Where is the lid? turning in circles Give me the lid you crazy dog!" Yes, the dog had the lid, the boy had the bottle. sigh. Into the trash Mrs. Buttersworth went.
  •  As I'm leaving the trash, shaking my head at my ever...um.... interesting son, what's that I see? Why it's a straw. In the dog's bowl. I look at the cup my son was drinking from that recently had a straw in it. Missing...naturally. Me:" Did you drink out of the dog's water bowl with a straw?" Him:"Yup, I did!" At least he didn't lie.  
And on that note, I better get some sleep. After all, the kids are asleep and I need mine too. Especially, if they get a good nights rest! ;) 

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  1. Love and laughing!! So glad you share!! Love yall!!!


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