Friday, May 4, 2012

I can't believe it's the first Friday in May...

Seriously? Where has the time gone? It's so true that the older you get, the more time flies by. Not that I'm getting older. I had to ask my husband how old I was not to long ago. I honestly couldn't remember. Mommy brain does a number on you, no lie. He said, "Aren't you 28?" I said, "What the what?! No, I'm not 28....Wait! Am I? When was I born? Oh, I guess I am. When did that happen?" I'm pretty sure he laughed at me. FYI: Not nice to laugh at your wife when she just figured out she was 28. Come on! But alas, I am. I'm just happy I survived this long. Even though, my birthdays are kind of a blur, my kids I remember perfectly. Every detail. Crazy how that works!

Speaking of birthdays(Did you like how I blended that? I could be on the news. I would so rock. Until a ridiculous story came on and I got tickled. Not just a chuckle but a full on laugh that only gets worse with silence. I am so inappropriate like that!) Anyway, my son thinks it's his birthday. Everyday. For the past month. He has asked me no less than 2 dozen times, "Are you makin my birfday take today?" I have to break his little heart and tell him no, you have 6 more months before your birthday. He looks at me, sighs deeply and tells me, but it's my birfday. *Sigh* Poor guy has no concept of time. I have no idea where he gets that from. *See above paragraph about time.

So it has been a while since I have blogged. The family has been going through a transition stage. My hubby just got a new job, that he started yesterday. It has been such a blessing. I am so proud of him and the decisions he has made regarding his job. He's been off a few weeks. So, when he went to work yesterday, the kids went to crazy town. I think they road the crazy train. And some how, I was the conductor. They showed out and whined from 8am to well 8pm. Even after their daddy came home. It also rained. They were stuck inside all day. Then, my sinuses/allergies went south fast! But, we survived and are praying for a much more peaceful day today. Dear Lord, please?

So that's the main reason I haven't blogged. I've really enjoyed getting to spend that time with my husband and kids. We plated our garden while he was off. Got the yard looking oh so nice. And had many meals together. Basketball. Soccer. Sprinkler. Church. Movies.  It was a really memorable time. :)

The home school year is coming to a close. My Sweet Pea has finished all the curriculum for Kindergarten. So for the next 2-3 weeks we are going to do lots of reading, and some practice/review math. I have really enjoyed our first year of school. She has learned so much and has also helped her siblings learn so much. We are looking forward to enjoying lots of time in the water this summer. Hopefully, with cousin E. He loves the water as much as they do!

I guess that about sums up what we have done lately, family time. And really, that's what is important. :)
To help your Friday along I'm going to leave you with the Antics of the Fowler Children!!!

Sweetie Pie: *giggles*
Me: What is it?
Sweetie: I sneezed egg out of my mouth and it landed beside my plate
laughs from all children
Me: That's why you cover your mouth when you sneeze, silly!
Sweetie: And get it in my hand?! I DON'T THINK SO!
The girl is anti-dirt, or food touching, or anything that smells funny(like potatoes). And apparently, catching eggs in her hand when she sneezes. 

We are riding down the road, and the hubs and I are talking about Mythbusters and how they busted a myth about pizza boxes in the delivery carrier things,(you know the red storage things? Right? You do know what I'm talking about. Do those have a proper name? Red storage thingy's sound great to me!)stopping a bullet.
Husband: How did you like that? It took 15 boxes in red storage thingy's(P.S. He would never say red      
storage thingy's) to stop a bullet!
Me: Yeah that was pretty...suddenly interrupted...
Sweet Pea: Let's talk about how many pizza's it would take to take away my hunger. I think a lot!
I look at my husband, he looks at me
Laughter! Where does she come up with this? That started the giggles and I want pizza pizza!! Me too! Can we have pizza, pizza? Excuse me, you ate breakfast exactly 5 minutes ago!
I am convinced all 3 of my children are bottomless pits.

I look over, while cleaning the kitchen, and see my son sitting by Corndog(our pet weeny dog, not a really corn dog...but probably only because he didn't have one.) The boy is petting him while he eats. I think oh, that's so sweet. A boy and his dog. Note to self: never think anything is sweet. Be prepared for all things disgusting and everything opposite of sweet!- This should be the disclaimer on all boys!
I turn around and go about cleaning. I hear," Her Torndog, I got you a straw to drink out of. Here drink out of da straw. You tan do it." In the nicest tone ever. Like he's being a big brother. 
I shake my head and when I turn to look, He(the boy not the dog) is drinking out of the dog's water bowl. With a straw! I yell," Don't drink out of the dog's bowl with a straw!" Yeah, that's one of those, hmm, I never thought I would say that moments!
It startles him, he jumps and my husband and I laugh hysterically. I think it had been one of those days, were you say a million times, Stop running!!!, Don't sit on your sisters head!!! Stop Whining!!! Why are you naked??!! We don't go outside in our underwear!!!
What else can you do but laugh? Right, laugh some more because he just tried a piece of dog food, gaged and spit it out.
Here's to a happy Friday, minus sneezed egg and dog food.
I hope.
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