Monday, April 16, 2012

The current state of my house...

The current state of my house is.....disastrous. That is putting it kindly. I have 2 bags of "stuff" from cleaning out our truck sitting by the front door. Currently, there is a toy guitar, 4 baby dolls, a stuffed animal kitten and rabbit, 2 blankets, a few pieces of popcorn and a baby doll stroller in the living room. And that's only what is seen. I have 3 cereal bowls, 3 cups, and a bible on the table. Let's not even try to guess what's under the table. I may get scared and decide to run away. We don't need that today. The sink is full of dishes. The counter is cluttered with crumbs and dishes. Yesterday was Sunday, after all. Hence, all the dishes. Day of Rest, remember? ;) I have, literally, clothes everywhere. In the bathrooms, bedrooms, and laundry room. Disastrous. The hallway has exactly 230,000 toys, no less. There are 2 children in the hallway who are playing. By playing, I mean half arguing, half playing. They are fighting over how big their cousin Baby E's birthday cake should be. His birthday was in January by the way.  The other child is in her room playing by herself. Only after 5 minutes of the longest whine ever..." IIIIIIIIII wwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnntttt to play bbbbbbbbbyyyyyyy mmmmmmyyyyyyyyssssssseeeeeeeeeeellllllllffffffffff." Yikes! There are sticky spots on living room/kitchen floors, that I'm not entirely sure where they came from. There are stains on the carpet from the cups I told them to bring out of their rooms and into the kitchen where they belong. And then they didn't.  At the moment, I am afraid to enter any of the kids rooms. I may never return. This would also be very bad, seeing as my house looks like boarder line hoarders already. Let's not forget the wonderful back ground sounds of Sesame Street. So, after all this, you must think I'm complaining. Right?  Wrong. In the past (and by past I mean a few days ago, even. Maybe this morning. Not that I would admit that!) I would get overwhelmed by all the stuff I have to do. I stay at home, so I should have a cleaner house than most. Not true. I should have laundry done and caught up. You have obviously never met my kids. See, we live in our house. We don't just sleep here. We live here. We have parties with stuffed animals under a fort here. We have family movie nights here. We have supper around the table every night. Not just one night. So there will be dishes, everywhere. Things will always have to be done. But something that I have to remind myself of often, is my kids will never be this little ever again. I will always have laundry. I will always have dishes. I will for many more years have toys in places they shouldn't be. Chances are, my kids will always have rooms that don't meet my cleanliness standards. The good news? I love them. I take care of them and help to meet their needs. They need for nothing. So the current state of my house is.........just fine. You may not be able to walk in the living room without being stuck to the floor for a few seconds, but my kids are happy. And that's all that really matters! So take a step back, breath, and thank God you are able to have a messy living room. They grow up too fast, enjoy them while you can. (Even if your son is eating popcorn out of his daddy's shoe!) :) Happy Monday!

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