Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Random update post.....

I decided to do a random update post. No order, no direct purpose. Just an update. Anyway my mind sees fit to  do it. So here goes!

I went through all of Monday thinking it was Tuesday. I was severely disappointed when my husband came home and I asked him if it was Tuesday. He told me no, it's Monday. I cried a little.

This week in home school, we are doing an Octonauts unit. (I just found out, they have their own website. I will forever keep this a secret from my kids. Until, someone has a melt down overload, in which case I will pull it out of my weapons arsenal and win.) I got the unit from1+1+1=1. She has some really great lessons for preschool and Kindergarten. This was a winner for all the children.

Even the boy, who asked to do more. Score! He sat still for at least 30 minutes!

Unlike yesterday, when he was jumping rope with floss. Floss.

Sweet Pea started soccer last week. She is the tallest team member and one of only 2 girls. She loves it. So do we.

Little League Soccer is like comedy hour at the soccer field. Hilarious! They have the attention span of gnats. They will be playing soccer one minute and the next no one can find them because they have ran off the field to go get a free hot dog at the concession stand. True Story. Thank God it was one of my kids. Although, I wouldn't put it past them. :)

The weather around these parts feels like it's already July! It's only April, by the way. I can only hope and pray that August feels like April, and not the face of the sun, when it comes around.

The kids love it. They beg to go outside. I let them. They sleep so great when they do. ;)

My floors on the other hand, hate me. I have to sweep 2-3 times a day! And each time, it looks like I haven't swept in 10 years!

Sweetie Pie, I have come to the conclusion, must smell like bug heaven to bugs. Bugs are attracted to that sweet(well, sometimes sweet) girl. You have to use a bottle of bug spray just to walk to the mailbox! Poor girl!

She woke up yesterday with a bite the size of a quarter. It doesn't help her skin is sensitive. The Fowler Family keeps Benadryl in business. They love us.

I've been baking a lot. My husband loves me. And the kids. I still haven't posted the recipes I've baked yet. I need to.

Someone please tell me, you hate to fold socks too! Anyone? It never ceases to amaze me how socks disappear. Then I looked in this basket:

Oh! There they are! I have now found the missing socks! Who put them all in the basket on top of the dryer? Anyone? Anyone? It wasn't me! I don't let socks pile up for months and months until I finally given in and take 15 minutes tops, to fold and put them away! Never! Well....almost, never.

Today, I plan on conquering my closet and my husbands closet. Pray for me. It's kinda ridiculous. On a plus note, the reason it's cluttered a bit,  is I keep gifts in there that, I got on sale, that I can use all year long. Go me! You can't open the door fully to see what's in there....but that's beside the point!

Well, that's all for now! I have laundry(minus mix matched socks Thankyouverymuch!) to do, closets to clean, and school to teach. My job is never done, and that's alright with me!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. did you get into my house and take a picture of our socks in the laundry room! Sneaky! LOL, that is sooooo my story on socks. We don't get along!


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