Friday, June 29, 2012

Things I like and some I don't....

  1. I like that it's Friday again....only a few days and I'll be on the beach!
  2. I like the fact that we'll be without technology for a week. I'm not disappointed AT ALL about this!
  3. I like the fact that we have air conditioner in triple digit heat waves.
  4. I like that my laundry is caught up.
  5. I like that my house has remained clean for more than 2 hours this week. 
  6. I like that I can drink coffee whenever I want. 
  7. I like when I can go shopping with my husband. He's pretty awesome. 
  8. I like when I can sleep in. Did I mention we're going on vacation?
  9. Vacation = Naps. I'm not AT ALL disappointed in this either!
  10. I like that I can listen to live worship at
  11. The internet can be a marvelous thing!
  12. I do not like the Magic Mike film that's coming out. I have not seen it. I do not want to see it. Movies like this come out and people wonder why infidelity is so rampant. This alone doesn't cause infidelity but it can't help it any. What ever happened to being modest?
  13. I do not like that "Obamacare" went through. There is so much I don't agree with and no amount of blog posts can explain how much I don't agree with it. 
  14. I do like that I serve the God who can provide for my needs regardless of what an earthly kingdom goes through!  
  15. I do like that I have found an interesting set of books to read. It's called The Circle Series by Ted Dekker. You can find a list of his books at
  16. I like that my kids set up a "church" in their bedroom! So sweet and cute!
  17. I like that my kids are each different than the other. I love that they have their own unique personalities and each bring an amazing quality to our family. 
  18. I like that my girls take care of my boy. They are little mommies!(When they aren't dressing him up like a ballerina!...this makes me laugh so hard because there is nothing graceful about my sweet little boy!) 
  19. I do not like when my son pees under my kitchen table.(See... not a ballerina!) 
  20. I do not like when he then rubs his head in it. Why are boys so gross? Is it so they can get multiple baths during the day? I think that may be it....
Happy Friday, Happy Independence Day, and have a wonderful week!
P.S. Did I mention, I'll be at the beach? Well...I'll be at the beach so I'll see you on the flip side with pictures!
And hopefully, no stories of my son peeing off the balcony into the pool. (Dear Lord, Please.....)

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