Friday, May 7, 2010's what happens between blogs!

Well it has been one busy month! So busy in fact that I have not blogged in that long. We have had Easter, a birthday party, and well life! I have lots of pictures to post and stories to tell. I'll start with my new hobby...saving money! That's a great hobby to have, huh? I think so. I have been a coupon clipping mad woman and it has saved me around $300.00 over the past month. Now what do you think about my new hobby!(hehehe!) I am so addicted, uh, I mean committed, yeah...committed to coupons that I have ran out of both my color and black ink in my printer. Now I am having withdrawals from printing coupons.(Just kidding, just kidding!) I've even got my girls helping me out. They'll see look mommy we found a coupon...YAY! Is this sad....maybe, maybe not? Anyway, with all this beautiful weather we have been having, we have been outside non stop since the first day the temperature reached 68 degrees! I love warm weather! The kids play so hard outside that they actually seem to sleep so much better. (You will hear no complaining from me!) I am so grateful for our big front porch with a gate this year. I open a window in the living room so I can hear them(if you know my children, then you know I only need one window open to hear them....once again my apologies to the Ulrey's who I am sure get a daily dose of at least on Fowler child screaming!) They stay contained in one space and then I can actually fold the laundry or cook a show that doesn't involve Steve, Blue, Mickey, the yellow,blue,purple, or red wiggle! Let's face it laundry can wait while I catch up on my stories on educated shows about families who have issues concerning love, life, and laundry. You know,my life, in a nut shell.'s what happens in between blogs!

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  1. You are so funny! I'm glad the kiddos can finally get out for awhile. It seemed like winter would never be over! And of course, we skipped Spring (as we usually do in our quaint hometown) and went straight for blistering hot summer!
    You'll have to teach me your wise ways of money saving! LOL. That is..when I have anyone to grocery shop for. :P Only 13 weeks now!
    Keep up the living of life! You make it seem so fun! :)
    Also...I am a faithful follower of Netflix as well! Helps me keep up!


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