Friday, June 25, 2010

It seems like I have commitment issues....

With my blog that is! I have been so busy with this yummy summer weather that I've seemed to neglect my sweet little blog...again! Oh well...Life is good, what can I say? Although I must say as much as I like being warm and not freezing cold, I like the weather much better when it's 70-82 degrees. I'm trying not to complain so much but really, this heat is for the birds! Anyway, we got two new kittens for the kids a couple of weeks ago. Now we have one that is about to go back to Mimi and Paw's house. Why? Well... It all started when we first got them. The girls picked out the names: Edward and Lily. They are/were super cute and sweet, everyone of the Fowler's thought so(even Micah will admit that Lily is a cool cat- this is saying a lot, believe me!) especially the Boy who decided to pick them up by their ears and their tails, oh yeah and by a hand full of fur. Poor cats. I am surprised they made it this long. Well earlier this week Edward disappeared when we went to Wal-mart. We saw him before we left and haven't seen him since. And the other major deciding factor in the removal of the felines is that I am allergic to them. I thought that I had outgrew this but I found out otherwise when I couldn't breathe out of my nose, my head was aching, and my eyes were red and watering. I was really afraid that my girls would be devastated over losing Edward and giving Lily back but surprisingly they are fine. My drama queens are fine. Amazing. Moving on, here are a few pics of my babies holding their "babies" aka their cats.

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