Friday, November 12, 2010

Family Trip to Noccalula Falls

We recently went to a local state park for a picnic lunch and to spend some time together. We wanted to take the kids somewhere they had never been and they seemed to really enjoy it and so did I! We went on a train ride, the kids LOVED that, and we even got to pet a doe and a deer. And for those who know my was alive and not hanging on a wall already dead, so that made it even more fun for the kids! In case you were wondering, we do support PETA around here. Well, at least my husbands form of PETA....People Eating Tasty Animals! (What did you expect? We are from Alabama for crying out loud!) Anyway, here are some pictures, I hope you enjoy!

Eating at the big rock picnic table

as usual, not everyone is looking right at the camera
at least you can see their faces!:)

Daddy and his girls

Daddy and the boy
(one of my favorite pics)

Petting the deer
(Can you have a pet deer in Alabama?)

My life

My flower garden
(An old family recipe!) ;)

Chicken Sweetie Pie

Chicken Sweet Pea

And wait, what happen to the chicken's head?!

The meltdown in the parking lot

The ride home.....
Exhausted but well worth it!

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Happy Birthday to my baby.....

Who is no longer a baby! He turned 2 years old the beginning of November. How in the world did that happen so quickly? I mean, I just had this  9lb 4oz baby boy yesterday, right? How time flies! Now I have a 4 year old and two 2 year olds who are not twins! I love to see the reaction I get when I tell people that...priceless! I'm glad we had our kids close together, if not for the reaction of complete strangers who ask if they are twins (the boy is as big as Sweetie Pie!)and then try to hide their shock when I tell them no! Hahahahaha...ahem....anyway... My boy had a Blues Clues party this year. It's one of his favorite cartoons.(And yes he has many because he is a male and we know how males are with their TV shows....) So Happy Birthday to my sweet little boy who never fails to keep me and the rest of the family on our toes! We love you!

My sweet boy, only a few days old!

His "Blue" cake and his "Clue" cake!

Singing happy birthday to him!
(He was singing happy birthday to himself all week!)

My baby that is no longer a baby but a little man!

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