Friday, January 18, 2013

Just a portion of my crazy week....

I must say that I am always happy when Friday rolls around. This year I'm even more excited because my wonderful husband is off on Fridays. That makes me super happy! It's been a busy week. Last week I had the wonderful privilege of doing this:

What exactly is this? Well this is about 1/4 of my son's toy cars. I got to wash them! Why? Well, apparently, he needed to pee-pee and the bathroom, that's exactly 7 steps down the hall, was just too far away. So he decided to pee on his cars and the car holder. Yup. That smelled lovely. So, after a long soak in a bleach, soap, and hot water sink, they are now back to being carpet mines.{carpet mines: small weapons, aka toys, that are placed on the carpet where hard working responsible adults step on them, barefooted, quickly losing their religion and the feeling in their foot. May also cause one to hop on uninjured foot, causing one to not pay attention and step on another carpet mine. Note: This will bring tears to your eyes while children look at you as though you have lost your mind.}

One of our dear little pets, Corndog, brought home a nice little treat yesterday. Only, it was an entire fried chicken breast. I feel the need to mention, our Corndog is a weeny dog. He is small. The chicken breast he brought home, and into my house by the way, was two times bigger than his head! We were just minding our own business, doing school work, and we hear him crying outside. I told Sweet Pea to let him in. Upon entering I see this monstrous something in his mouth. I'm thinking, what in the world is that? Sweet Pea was laughing so hard, she couldn't form a sentence. All I got was.... Corndog...something....I....don't know...So, I run and chase after him and alas find out it is a fried chicken breast. I start telling him to let go. He doesn't listen. He's worse than the kids. I try to pull it out of his jaws, I only remove half of the chicken. I have to pop him on his little nose 2 or 3 times to get him to drop the rest. He follows me to the trash can and starts crying. I mean, he is moaning. He is a sad puppy. He finds Sweetie Pie and jumps up on her knees and starts crying. Like he's tattling on me. He was mad the rest of the day. He didn't even curl up by my legs after the kids went to sleep. I have no idea where he got it. I'm sure there is a doberman somewhere with a chicken wing saying, "What the what?" 

This past week my entire hall was filled with baby dolls. From one end to the other. Sweetie Pie decided she would line them up and take a tally. She even had a notebook and pencil. She was calling roll and taking names! Her brother was "helping" her. By helping I mean he was made to help. She put him to work lining up baby dolls. I wish I had a picture, I didn't think of it until after the fact. 

My son has started calling the potty the "Oval Office". I completely blame this on that Clorox commercial with all the different names for a toilet. I also blame this on my husband.  He finds it hilarious. Why is toilet humor so funny to males?  He says, "I'm going to have some fun in the Oval Office!" "I'm going to poop in the Oval Office!" SIGH. That child is only 4. Dear Lord, please help me. He is not even a teenager yet. P.S. Why are boys so gross?

So, as you can see it's been busy. This is only a portion of my week. It snowed yesterday! I have pictures I'll post later. It was a fun day. We only get one snow day a year. We had to go out in it! 

I hope ya'll have a good weekend! I hope I have a weekend that doesn't include oval offices or chicken breast. 

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  1. My Mom's Rottweiler brought a deer carcass into the yard one time... Yuck. I'm thankful my dogs have never done that.

  2. This past fall our dogs were chewing on a rooster. Yep a whole rooster. Unfortunately it belonged to our neighbor and it was alive the day before! EEk! They enjoyed that one for a few days and we had to buy a rooster!


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