Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Welcome to the middle of May. Summer has finally seemed to arrive here in good ole Alabama. It has been unseasonable cold the last month or so. I'm hoping maybe that will mean a mild summer. 100 degree heat is not really my favorite! The kids were actually able to get in Mimi's wadding pool yesterday with their cousin, baby E. They had a blast! I am actually considering bribing them with water privileges so we can get the house good and cleaned today. I am not against bribing a child. Never have been. Especially when there is a chance of a clean home. Which, let's face it, doesn't happen to often!

My Sweet Pea has officially finished her 1st grade year! Woo! The kids are excited I am excited. Summer is finally here. I love the excitement that every season brings. We are beyond ready for some fun in the sun! And even some fun indoors. {You know I can only handle so much heat. I don't like to be sticky!} We are going to go to the $1 movies and bowling. Movies, I can handle. Bowling, well....the last time I bowled was in high school and I bowled an amazing score of 83. Boom! I'm also pretty sure I fell. Now, Wii Bowling on the other hand, I am the best. So, maybe the two will even out! ha! After summer my Sweetie Pie will be starting Kindergarten. Sigh. I try to push it to the back of my head. Then things like this arrive in the mail:

Sweetie Pie's Kindergarten books.

Sweetie Pie should still be 1. Could we rewind time? Or at least slow it down? Thanks.

I'm not entirely sure what this boy is doing but he is concentrating awfully hard his foot. I love that he is ALL boy!

My Sweet Pea! My little bookworm. I love that she loves to read. :) I love summer and all the adventures that await us. So here's to it finally being summer and a months of endless fun!

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