Thursday, April 11, 2013

A picture post...

It's April and rather warm around these parts! Yesterday on the hottest day of the year so far, our air conditioner decided not to work. I believe it reached almost 90. Granted, our house stayed around 78 degrees yesterday so compared to 90 that's not bad. It's not my favorite but it didn't kill anyone. Today we have someone coming to fix it. Hopefully, it's a cheap fix. Mostly, because I hate to spend money on things I don't want to spend money on. Give me shoes or a purse and well that's a completely different story! ;) Anywho, at least it wasn't May through September when our air went out. I might actually have melted. You gotta love the humidity in Alabama! But, today it's going to rain{suppose to be bad, but praying it's not} and our heat wave will be gone for a few days and hopefully all of this pollen. But for now, for today I have for you a picture post. The computer Finally cooperated with me on it. Woot! 

Homemade Bread. I've been making homemade sandwich bread lately and it is amazing! What do they put in store brought bread? Homemade taste 110% better. {I'll post recipe later!}

My oldest baby girl, Sweet Pea, turned 7 recently. How did that happen so fast? She wanted a sock monkey cake. So, a sock monkey cake is what she got! Honestly, I wasn't sure I could pull it off. Alas, I did. I did this little monkey free handed! I am actually proud of it. I {almost} didn't want to cut it. Almost! ;)

Be still my beating heart!  This was on Sweet Pea's 7th birthday. Their ages here are: 7, 5, & 4. Please stop growing. On, the other hand, keep growing strong. A mother's heart is always so conflicted.

This was Easter. It started out a rainy day so we couldn't do our yearly Easter picture outside so we settled for my bedroom. These are the most beautiful children ever. {I'm not biased at all!} After this picture, we had to have a wardrobe change with Sweetie Pie since she was extra itchy due to the material in her dress. How do you like The Boy's suit? I almost died from all the cuteness this picture holds! (And also because everyone is looking at the camera at the same time!)

Last weekend we painted rocks. Sounds silly but it was fun. It did have a purpose. We painted the names of the veggies we planted. They are garden markers. So we don't forget where we planted what. It was fun!
Our little Corndog got in on the action. Of course it was because he was being lazy. When he laid down, his tail landed in the pink paint. We now have a male dog, named Corndog who has a pink tail. Never a dull moment!

Here is the finished product! I hope our garden does well this year! It is always so much fun when the harvest comes in!
Here is our Okra rock in our Okra garden!
Here are the kids in front of my weeping cherry tree. I love this tree! It has little pink blooms and is my favorite tree in the yard. It's grown a lot since last year. Yes, Sweet Pea is drinking some water, Sweetie Pie is eating a sandwich, and The Boy is doing something that has to do with Spiderman slinging a web. What? Don't your kid's eat sandwiches in pictures?

This is an up-close picture of my Cherry Tree blooms. The bees love it!

I took this picture one night after the house was clean and quite. All kids tucked tightly in their beds. I realized a crane truck here and a police badge there are little reminders that I still have little children. One day, there will be Teen magazines, video games, large chapter books, and iPods lying around. I like the reminders. I think I'll keep them for a while!  

 I hope you have a marvelous Thursday full of love and hope! {Hopefully, no bad weather for my local readers!} Have a blessed day! I know I will[Even if I don't have air!]

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