Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring and National Water Fountain Day!

Hello, Spring! I have so missed you. I have missed the pretty green grass. The birds chirping around my pink flowering weeping cherry tree. The warmth on my skin and the nice breeze through my hair. The ability to send my children outside to have as much fun in the sun as they can stand! Maybe Spring was just waiting on Easter to pass? Whatever the reason, I am glad it's here! Things I am ready to accomplish now that Spring is here:

  •  I am ready to paint my living room/kitchen area. It's an open floor plan. Which I love since  I am constantly in the kitchen cooking, cleaning, teaching....this works great for our family to be able to be together. What I'm not to fond of is the basic beige of  color on my walls. So, I'm(by I mean we...me and the husband) are going to paint an accent wall in red and the other walls in a yellow color. Kind of like the color of butter. It's going to be pretty and full of color to help lighten things up! Now, that we can open windows and not die of  paint fume inhalation, we can do just that.
  • I can't wait to plant my garden! We are doing raised beds again this year and I can't wait to harvest our crops. 
  • This school year is almost over. The kids are ready for a break and so am I. Summer fun in the water is coming our way. Even if it is from the garden sprinkler!
  • To plant our grapes that my father in law brought to us. We have enough to make a small vineyard. I see lots of grape jelly being made in my future. 
  • To be able to play outside with the kids. Yesterday was so beautiful that we played hopscotch and rode bikes for a while. 
  • To possibly {try} camping. 
  • To absolutely go fishing. Everyone in my family loves to fish. I'm not sure how my Sweetie Pie is going to handle touching a fish since she hates to get dirty. That's why I know it's going to be fun.
Things I could probably live without but I'll try {NOT} to complain about:
  • Allergies. Pollen is what makes all my flowers happy. It makes my head wish it were buried in the flower garden. I'm trying to be positive. 
  • I think the sun makes my kids a little crazy right before bedtime. Last night, as they were brushing their teeth, I hear, "It's National Water Fountain Day!" In the two minutes all 3 kids were in the bathroom they managed to fill a sandwich bag(that smuggled peeps into their rooms and was never thrown away)with water. The water was then "sprung" out like a water fountain. All over the bathroom. And the carpet outside the bathroom. National Water Fountain Day has for ever been canceled. Too much celebration caused the kids to be sent to bed 20 minutes early. {Wait a minute...maybe we will celebrate Water Fountain Day every day....}
Ok, so that's the only two things I could live without. I hope you are all enjoying your Spring weather. I know I certainly am! (Minus pollen and water fountain's!) I'll post some really cute Easter pics later. Until then......Happy National Water Fountain Day! 

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