Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A random update on a Happy Tuesday!

Good Morning! Here is you a post of complete randomness to get your day started off right.

I am currently downloading 321 pictures and videos from my camera to my computer. I am the worst at remembering to download my pics. I am trying to upload some pics to my blog but my computer or the Internet or the forces of nature are refusing to cooperate!

Moving on....

I'm glad it's Tuesday. Monday's are always so busy for me and I'm not entirely sure why. Perhaps it's the umpteen loads of laundry I do every Monday. Or the dishes that I leave from Sunday. Perhaps, getting readjusted to Daddy going back to work. I don't know. But, Tuesdays are instantly better. Dishes are normally done. Laundry is done for the week. My only chores on the List are cleaning rooms, vacuuming those rooms, and dusting. Not to bad. Except the dusting part since the pollen seems to have covered every thing that can or is considered furniture. We had our windows open this weekend. Yesterday and today we are leaving them closed. Probably the rest of the week too. Our heads are going to become pollen volcanoes if we have to inhale it for to much longer! So dusting is in my very near future for sure.

Speaking of chores, I will be glad when chores are the only thing on my list of "Things to Do Today" this summer! I love home school but I will be glad to have a break for a while. We are almost done with school! Yay! I'm still asked daily if it's time to play in the sprinkler yet. Boy, will I be glad when it is! I love that they can play in the sprinkler, I can catch a tan and read a book, come in eat lunch, take a nap. Summer is awesome!

I just finished reading the book: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. It's a very interesting book. It's weird and fun. Eccentric and serious. Sad and happy. It's all over the place and strangely centered.  It's just unique. I have not seen the movie and don't know that I want to after reading the book. Mostly because stories are generally ruined when they are turned into a movie. Sad but true. Now I am reading The Lucky One. So far, so good. I will say that I have seen the movie and I thought it was pretty decent. Now, 4 chapters into the book and I'm glad I watched the movie first. I would have been extremely disappointed. Nicholas Sparks is an insanely amazing writer. His movies just don't compare. Just to say it, our local library is awesome! It's not very big but they are always on top of their game. I think the staff has read almost every book that we have asked about! I love it and it's free! :)

I was changing the sheets on my bed yesterday and the kids were outside playing. I had my blinds open so I could keep an eye on them. I catch a glance of something out of my eye. I turn to see a hiney that is as white as a cloud looking at me. It takes me a second, mostly because I am in shock. Apparently my son thought that it would be an awesome idea to just pull his pants down and pee on a tree by the garage. I was on the phone with my Mama and started laughing and couldn't stop. I could barely tell her what was happening!  All you could see was a white bottom and a tree that was soaking wet from about the boys' chest down. I will admit this could be my fault. {God knows I'll try and blame it on my husband!}My husband was fixing a little plumbing issue we had and The Boy had to potty. Seeing as we couldn't flush at the moment, I took him around the corner and let him pee-pee on the side of the foundation. Apparently, he thinks everything is free game to potty on. To Do List: have talk with son about not pee-peeing on things in public. {PS. Never thought I would be having this conversation!}

Since, I can't, for whatever crazy reason, upload pics I will be done with it for now. I will be back later with a post full of pictures! I have pictures from Sweet Pea turning 7 to fun things we have been doing at Destiny Kids{the children's ministry at our church}, to many many Easter egg hunts. I even have pictures of a special project we did for our garden this year. But that's an entirely different post where our little dog ends up with a pink tail. Trust me when I say, there is never a dull moment around here! Happy Tuesday!

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