Friday, March 12, 2010


I love to blog. Sometimes there is, dare I say, bad things that I get on my soap box about but mostly there are great things that I love to blog about. And 9.5 times out of 10 it's has to do with my family. Well last night we had the pleasure of getting to visit with my nieces(Micah's brother Tony's girls)that we haven't seen in about seven years. And we had so much fun. Needless to say I have to brag on my three wonderful, beautiful, smart, sweet nieces! What kind of Aunt would I be if I didn't?;)

Nieces are:

Kind to their little cousins who like to drool on there cell phones(that they bought with their own money!)......
and are brave enough to carry around a 27 pound baby rhino.....

Nieces love to hold their squirmy little cousins and never complain once about it(while someone is taking pictures at bedtime,ahem,mommy,cough,cough)

And lovingly console the oldest who has big crocodile tears running down her face because she doesn't want them to leave...

And my nieces have the biggest smiles

to match the biggest hearts I have ever seen!!!

Yup my nieces are indeed wonderful!!!

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