Monday, March 8, 2010

Not Me Mondays.........

It's time for another fun filled edition of Not Me Monday!!! A time for all moms to confess,eh, not confess about being a little imperfect. So buckle up and enjoy the bumpy ride, I mean life!

This week I {did not} feed my children mini frozen pizzas for supper because I knew they would never even touch the food I made for me and my husband. I {would never} feed them processed food to avoid a major meltdown that I just {did not} want to deal with. Ha! I {did not} finally break down and go to the doctor because I thought my throat was out to kill me....slowly. I {did not} ask the doctor if I could get a shot and get it over with because I {did not} have much better things to do than sit in a doctors office and beg for shots! I am much better and I think the doctor is glad he only sees the crazy lady begging for quick relief shots, er, I mean me, once a year! I {did not} delight in a mommy day on Friday. A day where I went shopping, got my hair cut, and met a hot man for lunch all by myself.(Yes,{ I am} talking about that wonderful man I am married to!) I{did not} enjoy myself at all.( I actually did, enjoy myself, a whole lot!) I {am} extremely thankfully for such a wonderful mother who helped out with my circus act for the day. I truly {am} grateful (for real)! I {did not} finally mop my living room and kitchen floors on Friday afternoon, for the first time in, least....cough...ahem..two weeks..cough,cough, cough. I {love} to mop and would {never} wait so long to mop my floors. Not me! And Never on a Monday and that's no lie!;)

So what have you {not} been up to? Head on over to and let everyone know what you have {not} been doing!

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