Sunday, March 7, 2010

Once again long time, no blog....

Once again, it has been several weeks since I've wrote a blog! When you are a wife and mother that happens sometimes. Especially when people bring their sick kids to a birthday party and think there is nothing wrong with it. It happens, I know. But it doesn't make me happy especially when my kids catch those colds and spread them throughout my otherwise healthy house. Sigh. Oh well! So after a couple of weeks of tonsillitis, fevers, and the dreaded stomach bug(thankfully we only had one case of it!) we are much better and so is my attitude. God is seriously working on attitude that is....and our healing...but now,especially my attitude! It's not the kids fault they are sick and they are unknowingly brought out among healthy kids. So...God is working on my OCD about my kids being around other kids and all things are back to "normal" on the Lane! We have had a lot of fun playing in the snow this winter and as always are very much happy about Spring being just around the corner! Ah, opened, short sleeved shirts, no bulky jackets, and lots and lots of outdoor playtime! Happiness. Pure Happiness. I will also "toot my horn" for a moment! I have cute two of my children's hair recently and didn't do such a bad job! Not only did they stay still and happy, but the lines where in fact straight and very nice looking! Sweet Pea, who was terrified of haircuts for a long time, let me talk her into getting a trim. She is almost 4 and had her first haircut. I cut about an inch off the back, which isn't a lot because she has a lot of hair! She was almost sitting on it, it was so long! So she has a much healthier look now, minus so many tangles. And then I also cut the boy's hair! I hate to say it but he was starting to sport....a mullet! One day I couldn't handle it any longer and cut his hair while he was eating his Froot Loops! So now, I have added beauty technician to my resume! I love being a mom! There are new adventures everyday! So as I look forward to sunny days and fun days outside, I will try to keep up my blog posts by at least once or twice a week! Then again....only time will tell....after all I am a wife and a mother!

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