Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tonight...I am sleeping on the couch!

You know how in movies, and probably in real life, when couples get in a fight and angry with one another they end up saying something like..." You are sleeping on the couch tonight...buh-bye!" Well I was thinking last night how when you're a parent of small children, especially more than one, who think that because you have a king size bed it's meant for the whole family so why should they sleep in their own bed , you would gladly spend the night on the couch. In fact, I even had the idea that you could almost go as far as start a fight over something so silly, and then say fine...I'll just sleep on the couch tonight! This would be a HUGE victory! Like, Alabama winning the National Championship last year big! This plan just might work but probably not for long. Eventually, the husband is going to catch on, he's a pretty smart man. When he sees that your getting a full 7 hours of sleep and looking so happy and rested in the morning, he'll put 2 and 2 together. And when he figure's out your evil but oh so wonderful plan then he would turn the tables on you and he would have the couch. The wonderful couch that is elbow, knee, head, hiney, and multiple child free! And you have a good 2 1/2 to 3 feet of wonderful comfy-ness(I don't think that's a word I'm around a 4yr old, almost 3yr old, and a almost 2yr old all day...just go with it!)compared to the 2 inches of bed you normally have because your daughter's head and your son's feet are pushing you closer and closer to the edge. I think this is a good bad the husband reads this it just might have worked!
Tonight I am sleeping on the couch...especially if any of these 3 are in it!
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  1. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...... that is great! Thankfully we never had a king size bed and didn't let the kids sleep with us. I don't know how you do it!! :)

  2. Unfortunately, my kids follow me around. I do move to the couch, almost every night. A few hours of peaceful sleep is always interrupted with, "Mommmmyyyy! Why you not sweepin' wif meeeeeeee! Waaaaahhhh!" As a fussy preschooler crawls on top of me. I'm sure someday I'll miss it, but for now I'm living in a groggy state, not sure what day it is! Good luck on your couch sleeping! Hope you get more rest than I do!


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