Thursday, January 6, 2011

Why do you have 4 sippy cups under your bed?

This is the question I was asking my son while I was cleaning his bedroom. Even though he wasn't there. My momma watched my 3 wonderfully messy children for me earlier this week so I could clean their not so wonderfully messy rooms and get rid of old toys that they don't play with anymore. All moms know you really can't get rid of toys with the kid there because they will open up their tear ducts at the drop of a hat and swear they just played with that toy yesterday, even though it was a month ago and they really just forgot they had it. No thank you to that drama. Anyway, I found myself asking lots of questions to my absent kids. Like, Sweet Pea, do you really have to keep every. little. piece. of. paper?! If there is a picture of a cute little puppy, the girl thinks she should keep it so she can have a picture of the "perfect pet" to show her daddy. You know, in case he forgets that she has asked for a dog(or a pig, or a goat, or a chicken, or a..well you get the idea!) every single day for the past 6-8 months, give or take a month. Or year. I also found half of Sweet Pea's toys(that she got for Christmas, mind you) under Sweetie Pie's bed. This really doesn't shock me since Sweetie has a tendency to hide stuff she wants to play with and finds it later when her sister or brother have forgotten about it. She also does this with DVDs that she doesn't want to watch. She hides them. In her sock drawer. I found 3 or 4 in there the other day. SIGH. After conquering the girls' bedroom's, I had to take a break. It was exhausting. I took a little lunch break then moved on to the Boy's room. (I swear I  just heard music from a horror film play in the back round...)Why are boy's so messy and gross? And they really don't out grow it. I love my husband. Where was I going with that? Oh yes. I found about 3 diapers(only 1 was used..thankfully, #1, not #2...again, thankfully!) all under toys. You know since he's in this I think I'll just go naked stage! This is also where I found the 4 sippy cups. Under his bed. I guess he was saving them. Why I don't really want to know. Or it could be that Sweetie was hiding them because she still secretly likes to drink from a sippy cup. (Poor Sweetie, she is such a middle child!) So 3 bedrooms, 4 1/2 hours, 2 trash bags of broken toys and trash(thanks to Sweet Pea, saving every.little.piece.of.paper.)and 2 trash bags of toys to give to Goodwill, I emerged victorious! Until I stood up straight after 4 1/2 hours of leaning over toy boxes and couldn't move for  a few minutes and had to use a heating pad so I could you know, walk again. Then I felt the victory dance coming up as I was getting the vacuum cleaner out of the closet and  I remembered that the belt on the vacuum cleaner was broken.  Oh well, you can't win them all! At least you could tell that there were bedrooms in our house and not a garbage dump!

P.S. the room stayed clean for exactly 1 hour and then the tornado triplets came home and well you can figure out what happened next...

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  1. Oh my.. sounds like our house. My daughter is just now starting to sleep in her room & my husband likes to sneak her sippy cups to get her to sleep. Well I found them all under or in her bed. The worst part it was mostly sour milk.. yeah gross!! So I had to put the smack down on that & tell him ONLY water if she must have a sippy cup!!

    Your babies are so funny with there ways. I love that Sweetie Pie hides things.. that is so something a middle child does HA!

    Anyways glad you were able to get the rooms cleaned & I know what you mean about throwing out toys.. my child things she must keep everything. She has a Pottery Barn Kids magazines, Toys R Us & Target magazines from Christmas that she freaks out if she can't find them. She has to show us constantly the things she wants out of them.. which is odd to me that a two year old would do something like that but hey that is my girl for ya LOL


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