Thursday, January 13, 2011

So, where is the global warming?

You know the global warming that some crazy people start yelling about the moment that spring comes around? Because around here, it doesn't exist! We have had severe winter weather in Alabama for a week. A week. It's not snow. I could handle snow. At least you can take 3 bouncing off the wall children lovely, well behaved children out in the snow to play. But what we had was ice. At least three inches of solid  ice, that only started to really melt today! What? This is Alabama for the love of all that is important! It started late Sunday evening. So naturally all the bread and milk, where in high demand. What does milk and bread have to do with snow? Well, everything. See because we rarely get snow here people panic when they hear the dreaded 4 letter word. So I guess making milk sandwiches helps them cope.... I don't really know why. I don't want to eat milk sandwiches. Yuck. Anyway, because of all the ice, roads where closed for at least 2 days and some places are still closed today. That my friend is too much ice. On Monday and Tuesday, the husband was stuck at home because he could only make it out of the garage. There was no going up our hill of a driveway. Yay! I was excited he got a four day weekend. It made me happy! So on Monday, before we knew our snow covered yard was really covered in ice a glacier, we got the kids all bundled up. Because we don't actually have snow suits, we had to do layers and layers of clothes so fingers and toes wouldn't fall off. So about 45 minutes after convincing Sweetie Pie that it was ok to keep her PJ's on under her clothes, trying to keep the boy happy with cartoons(Yeah, we're those kind of parents) because he needed to build a "no-man" and  couldn't wait to go outside, all while trying to find Sweet Pea some warm clothes because for some reason they where all in the laundry room(...dirty, of course) we finally headed out the front door. (That was more fun than any family of 5 should have.) Only to find, everything was solid ice. Boy, where there some disappointed parents kids. They tried to make a snow ball but failed when they couldn't pick up the glorious white stuff we usually only get maybe once a year. Poor me Poor kids. After staying on the ice for about 30 minutes it started raining again so we had to go back in. The girls where ok with it because they wanted some hot chocolate, the Boy not so much. He was angry at his daddy for taking him back in, so while my husband was taking his boots off outside the front door, my boy was crying very loudly and  shutting the front door...and trying to lock it.( was pretty funny.) So there is our story of the first hard freeze in 40 years where I had to walk up the hill both ways....just kidding.[It's only been 20 years;)]
Hope you have had fun in your winter wonderland!:)

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