Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Totally Random Tuesday

Today is Tuesday. There is nothing random about it, but the things going on in my life are totally random, most of the time!

  • I have been having major Internet issues the last 2-3 months. Why, because we live in the country so we only have one Internet provider option. Who is that? Well the lovely company Windstream. I have been married for 7 years and have had to call more times than I can count and have talked to exactly 2 people who have been nice. My husband called once and had the nicest lady who had our problem fixed first thing this morning. Enough said.
  • My son is currently running around naked...again.
  • Note to self: potty training would be nice.
  • I should be doing laundry instead of blogging.
  • I should be cleaning instead of blogging.
  • It's a beautiful day today. I have the windows open with a fresh breeze blowing in.
  • My children have out grown naps. I am so sad for more than one reason: A)my babies are growing up, B) I no longer have a nap time. Oh well. At least they're asleep by 8:30 at night when they don't have naps now.
  • I am now officially a soccer mom! I never thought I would be a soccer mom...yay for new things.*will post pics of the soccer girl later*
  • My soccer girl is now 5....What? How did that happen over night?
  • I am excited about our new adventure in homeschooling. Nervous a little but mostly excited!:)
  • We are planting a garden again this year. Hopefully it will be more productive than last year. I love the idea of growing our own food. We've already started the process and hopefully will be planting, in full, this weekend.
  • I love being outside.
  • We also planted some Morning glory's and Sunflower seeds in a small greenhouse on Friday and on Sunday they had already started to sprout! They are so tall now! I can't wait to plant them outside soon.
  • I'm seriously thinking about putting up a clothes line outside to hang my clean, wet clothes on during the spring/summer/fall*(Fall is a lot like summer around Alabama you know...hot!).
  • Am I becoming a "granola mom" ? Hmm, maybe...If I am, I think I like it!
  • I love my life!
  • That is all!
  • For now!

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  1. Being "granola" isn't bad. I love being a semi crunchy mom!

  2. I've been learning to love our "earthy" kind of life for a few years now! It's really the best all around. Good food, good exercise, good knowledge, good family time. Are you going to can any of your veggies? Thats my favorite part. Well, my favorite part is opening up a jar a summer fresh green beans in the middle of a cold winter! Yum


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