Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Alabama kids and one dog...

I love this picture! I'm not sure what the Boy is doing but it makes me laugh!
We are Alabama fans. Simple as that. I use to be an Auburn fan until I married my husband and he converted me. So, naturally, our kids are Alabama fans, for the moment anyway. If they want to be Auburn fans they can they just have to move out and change their names we won't hold it against them, we'll love them just the same! ;) Every year I try to take their pictures with their Alabama gear on so we can compare from years past. Notice the key word in that sentence is try. I think it's in their genes to never look at the camera at the same time. If they do look at the camera only one or two are smiling, the rest are half blinking and frowning. The Mr. even tried to hold Corndog (remember, that's our dog...he wasn't using an actually corn dog....this time)over my head so they would all be smiling and look at me. Yeah, it didn't work. Here are some pictures I was able to get before they ran off to play with Corn dog, the dog, not the food.
See, one child looks at the camera, the other two not!
I'm not sure what Sweet Pea is saying but Sweetie Pie's face is priceless!

A picture with Corndog. I can't even get the dog to look at the camera!

One of the few good pictures!
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  1. Cute pics! It is so hard to get everyone looking. My trick is to squeal, "Ewww, hang on I gotta get this HUGE BOOGER out of my nose first!!" and then they all start laughing and looking to see the booger, while I snap away. :)


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