Tuesday, October 4, 2011

No wonder I have a headache....

I have a headache. I was trying to figure out why, then I ran over the past month in my head. I know why my head aches. Now it hurts worse. Here's what I found in my head. I hope you don't get a head ache too. 8~)
(P.S. this is only half of it....You're welcome!)

  1. I haven't blogged in almost a month. I'm sad. I didn't realize that a month could fly by so fast. What? How did that happen?
  2. Whining. I think I may end up plucking my eyes out with a spoon if I have to hear Sweetie Pie whine one. more. day. Over what, you may ask? Take your pick. She'll whine about it. She's a professional. 
  3. Sweetie Pie is a great example of Birth Control for teenager's. One hour with her whining over a cloud in the sky and they will never want to have children. Ever. 
  4. I might do better to just put my iPod ear buds in and turn up the music, than pluck my eyes out with a spoon. At least I could still see her pretty little face. 
  5. If I have to tell the boy to quit putting things in his underwear I may just cry.  "Boy, get that DVD out of your underwear!" "I'm sorry but Special Agent Oso doesn't like to ride in your underwear!" mumbles to self..."especially if you don't stop pooping in YOUR PANTS!"  " While, using your underwear as a gun holster is cleaver...really...could you please find some pants?...and not your sister's tutu...you're a boy." "Why are you wearing you're sister's tutu and where is your underwear?!" "Shaking your hiney to make me laugh doesn't get you out of wearing underwear and pants!" *Turns head to keep from laughing while I try to get on to him and find his underwear at the same time!*
  6. France just passed a law to regulate the use of Ketchup in school cafeteria's. So they don't mess up their fancy French palate or something crazy like that. 
  7. France would have a heart attack if they saw that Sweet Pea likes to eat ketchup, mustard, and pickles ON her turkey sandwich. Let's not forget the chicken nuggets(where exactly do they come from?) and mac and cheese...out of the box!  How's that for a fancy palate!? Ha!
  8. My loving, sweet, caring, handsome husband was sick yesterday. Don't worry ladies, he's better today! WHEW! (I love you my sweet, caring, handsome, loving hubby! *hugs*)
  9. I spent most of my day yesterday in 2 different doctor's offices. At least I got to go to Target and look around while the medicine was being filled.
  10. I should have gotten a coffee from Starbucks.
  11. I have to buy some fall clothes. This made me happy. Then I tried on a few tops at Target. Then I cried. Just Kidding. Well kinda...
  12. Sweet Pea lost her second tooth. She pulled it all by herself! I'm proud. I'm sad. She's so little. She's so big!
  13. I'm conflicted!
  14. I didn't drink my coffee this morning.
  15. I'm a little cold.
  16. My ears hurt. I hope I'm not catching the family cold going around this house. Really. I've had it already! For almost a month. Move on. Thank You.
  17.  I just remembered, I ran out of creamer for my coffee. Sigh
Well, I may have a head ache do to life. Good News: At least my heart only aches from being so full. This makes me smile in spite of a little girl whining, a boy running around half naked, and a big girl with her own special palate. Memories are worth the head ache! Now....How can I get a Cinnamon Dolce Latte without going to Starbucks or the grocery store?.....Anyone?   :)

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