Saturday, October 8, 2011

Life is Great...even if I have to do laundry!

What a crazy week it's been! Well, it's probably just this crazy family that makes the week seem crazy! Yeah, we'll go with the second one. I have done more laundry in the past three years than I have ever wanted to do. Ever. In my whole life. I hate strongly dislike potty training. It is one of (the very few) things I hate strongly dislike about being a parent. This is part of the reason I have laundry that covers my entire couch and looks larger than Mt. Everest! The boy does pee-pee in the potty. Most of the time. He can use the potty, he just chooses to play and torture his sisters instead. We are still working on the ahem other part. By the time he actually ahem accomplishes the other task, I may just be crazy from folding laundry that I'm just going to have to wash and fold again in 2.3 hours. Another reason I have laundry that rolls out of my laundry room like a volcano that has erupted is, Sweetie Pie. She is a (almost) 4 year old little girl. Who loves clothes. Who hates to be dirty. Even if she's really not dirty. Do you see the pattern? She likes to change and in the process, there are clothes everywhere. By the time I get to their rooms to clean them, I don't remember what she has worn and what she hasn't. *Sigh* So I do the old sniff and check to see if they smell dirty. Then I usually pick up a shirt that her brother has pee-peed on. Thanks. Just what I needed, the lovely smell of urine. Not!! So, there is the majority of my multiple laundry issues. Then I think about my girls being teenagers and I cry. Not just because they'll be teenagers, but because of all. the. clothes.

  A note to my sweet, beautiful, smart, girls: You will learn how to do your own laundry at the age of 5 and 4 when I'm tired of doing all the darn. laundry. You're welcome, Love Mommy :)

My son, has been a well of information and laughs this week. He's only (almost) 3 and boy oh boy! Yesterday, while I was about to scream and run away from home doing my favorite thing, laundry, he made me laugh and reminded me why I stay at home and get to do the laundry.

The boy: Mommy, by plya(blend all the letter together and this is kinda what it sounded like) is hurt.
Me: Um, Your plya? What is your plya?
The boy: Dis wight he points to his nipple and dis is my he points to his other nipple.(Thank God, he only has two!)
Me: oh, well...that's good to know.

Sweet Pea: (yelling as loud as she can, even though I'm in the next room...with the door open) MOMMY, BROTHER HAS HIS DRINK AND IS MAKING A MESS ON THE TABLE.
Me: OK, that I can't hear.
Me: Oh son, grumbles are you trying to send me to the looney bin today?
The boy: YES!
Me: Oh good to know, at least we are on the same page. I now know what my day holds. At least in the looney bin I will get to sleep.

Me: Stop jumping on your bed. You're going to get hurt.
The boy: exactly 5.6 seconds later...I hear crying form his room. Mommy! I broke my head!
Me: Trying not to laugh hysterically because at this point I would rather laugh than cry
The boy: Yes, I'm fine.
Me: Well, good! I'm glad your head's not broken!
The boy: Yeah...

All of this happened in one day. Not even a full day. But between 8:30 and 4:30 yesterday. I'm glad I don't work outside the home and take them to daycare because, they would probably kick us out I get to enjoy this and not miss out on all the crazy chaotic happening we call The Fowler Family.

This week in home school, My Sweet Pea has learned to read a small book. Yay! It's so exciting! She still struggles through some words, but after sounding them out she gets it! Some times she gets so excited she just sees the first word and guesses (ex: she sees the h in has and assumes it's had) She is doing really well though! I am so proud of her. :)  It really is rewarded to see your kids accomplish such a goal.(Regardless of home school or public school! )

So here's to a great weekend because my partner in monkey wrangling is home and I have reinforcements  because my awesome husband is home and we have 3 awesome kids! Life is Great!*

*Even if Mt. Laundry is going to explode in 2 days and I have to do it all again! :)

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