Thursday, November 12, 2009

the many talents of my children.....

God has blessed us with three beautiful children. He made them very compassionate, loving, funny, and he also gifted them with many talents. These talents are really amazing and I must say unique.(In fact I think God may look down on us every once in a while and laugh!Who said God doesn't have a sense of humor?) They have so many where do I start? Let's start with Sweet pea and her amazing ability to talk non-stop and never get tired.(She would probably make even the very best therapist want to change professions!) She even talks in her sleep. Sweetie pie has a very sneaky talent. She can be as quiet as a mouse. You would think I would appreciate the quietness but no, I don't. In fact when she is quiet, 99% of the time she is doing something she probably shouldn't be doing. For instance, earlier this week she was so nicely pouring Parmesan cheese on the side table in the living room so that she and her siblings could all partake in the eating of cheese.(at least they were sharing...right?) And then there's the boy with his sly smile(and he looks just like his daddy when he does!)and his no shame way of doing things. He just straight up does something,runs as fast as his short legs will take him,and laughs. Yup, he laughs. He has the talent to eat,nonstop all day long. And for some reason eating straight out of the garbage can is more appetizing than eating off a plate.(don't worry we now have a garbage can he can't get into!) They all three also have the talent of producing food. They come out of nowhere holding cookies, crackers, and even the occasional apple. Where did it come from? I have no idea! Maybe they hide them in their toy boxes or maybe they get them from under the bed. Honestly I don't know! They aren't suppose to even have food in their rooms and yet they come toddling in the living room and kitchen holding food and smiling...while they eat it. Yes the good Lord gave our children many talents and yes I do believe He has a sense of humor. Even though my kids have all these wonderful talents, I must say a day without the boy taking the vent out of the floor, Sweetie pie eating lotion, and Sweet pea getting toothpaste all over the bathroom(and her very long hair!) would in fact be a very boring day. So until my next adventure in chaos, or as I like to call it life, I pray you will be blessed, just like we are........JFowler

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