Tuesday, November 3, 2009

a lack of spoons and laundry overload....

Yesterday was an interesting day. It was Monday so we were dealing with our usual Monday routine.(With the exception of Micah who was off work and hunting.)You know clean up from Sunday, start the laundry, what to cook for supper,etc., etc.,etc. But for me it was a little bit of a sad day. It all started Sunday afternoon when we gave our changing table away. I know you're thinking a changing table why is that so sad? Well let me just tell you. This is the changing table that I used with all three of my children. I changed them all on it, they have all played on it, tried to eat the baby powder I stored on it, and even destroyed numerous boxes of wet wipes on it. This was more than a sturdy changing table, to me it was a memory table. As long as I had this table in my house I still had a baby around. It was there and so where my babies. Of course my babies are still here but they're older. And when I thought about this it made me so sad. Just last year I had three kids under the age of three and this year I have an almost four year old, a two year old and a one year old. How did that happen? I have always heard people say that time flies by and they'll be grown before you know it. Well apparently they (whoever "they" are)were telling the truth! Couldn't they lie just this one time?(Yes I know you shouldn't lie and yes I am teaching my children that!)Anyway for some reason this hit me hard yesterday. It made me want to crawl into bed and cry. Thank God I have three children and that couldn't happen. At supper time I was setting our supper on the table and was looking in the drawer for silverware and found one spoon, then I moved to the dishwasher and found a few more, for crying out loud where are all the spoons? Then I thought about the mound of clothes coming out of the baskets set in my room. Where is the housekeeper for Pete's sake? Doesn't she know I have a family to take care of? And then I realized hello you're the housekeeper. Hhhmmm. This isn't good. How can I dwell in sadness when my life is sitting before me. Then I looked at the table and I realized my life IS sitting at the table,Micah, sweet pea, sweetie pie,and the boy. While I was deep in my thoughts of how they weren't little babies any more, I had missed an entire day with them. I was here but was so preoccupied that I missed valuable time with my babies. I was upset that time had went by so fast that I forgot to take the time and enjoy them today. The bible says we only have today, we are not promised tomorrow. Then God reminded me of something else, that while yes they are older, they are also healthy and happy. We have not had to live at the hospital, we have a roof over our heads, clothes on our back, and food in our tummies. What do I have to be so sad about? Nothing. So with this new revelation that God has given me(and trust me he gives me new aha moments everyday!) I realize that they will grow up and it's up to me and Micah to teach them the right way to live. It's our job, that God has so graciously given us, to raise these kids to be compassionate, loving, morally sound, God fearing adults. So while I am now over my sad mood, I have decided I will enjoy every moment I have with them and cherish it forever. There will probably be many more days of laundry overload and a lack of spoons but there will never be the promise of another day. So I will live my life to the fullest, love with all God has given me and maybe even get the laundry done but today I will enjoy my babies! Until next time...JFowler

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