Thursday, October 29, 2009

aaahhhh naptime sweet sweet naptime....

The peace and quite of nap time rings in my ears everyday from noon until three. The time were the house is still and no one is stirring not even a sweet pea(who from time to time, more often than not, chooses to play "quietly" in her room). This is when all stay at home moms are faced with the age old question : Should I take a shower or should I nap? The debate that has been going on in my life for the past three and half years. Let's weigh our options. You can A.) take a shower and rid yourself of the morning(cleaning products, soggy animal crackers, snot,etc.) or you can B.) take a nap.(you could just change your shirt and that could be close to the same thing as a shower-right?) You do have the option of taking a long HOT shower until all the hot water runs out. This sounds good. After all, no one will need hot water until later in the night-hmmm-even more tempting. But then there's that nap. The couch calling your name, your favorite blanket tempting you with its warmth and comfort, and what's that on Lifetime-a romantic comedy? You mean I DON'T have to watch Yo Gabba Gabba again. Oh, what to do? What to do? The more I contemplate the more time I waste! Do I take the chance to take a shower longer than five minutes without someone calling mommy!!!MOMMY!! Or do I give in to the temptation that is a nap? Decisions, Decisions!!!!(Why must life be so hard???!!!) Then the light bulb in my head goes off!(please keep all comments about my light bulb to yourself!)If I take a quick hot shower then I can give in to the tempting couch and have my nap! That's it! Be clean and sleep! Who would have thought those two words could be in the same paragraph much less the same sentence! This just might work. (after all the six loads of laundry that are sitting on my bed have been there all week anyway-they can wait until tomorrow!) Joy pure joy runs through my veins! I take my hot shower and just as I lay down on my comfy couch with my warm blanket that's when I hear it-the sound that changes everything. That's right it's the boy calling-hey! hey! blejy fblehfjayf sahy.(that would be baby talk) Then I realize that naps and showers aren't joy(although they are REALLY close!) but that my smiling happy babies are. After all there is always tomorrow!:) Until tomorrow's nap time- JFowler

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