Wednesday, October 14, 2009

things under the couch...

Who knew that so many things could gather under one couch and an oversized chair? I mean really! While preparing for Austin's 1st birthday party this saturday, I've been doing some much needed extra cleaning. And boy was it time! I always do a quick sweep under the couch and chairs in the living room but sometimes things get pushed to the back. On my wonderful adventure in cleaning I came across paci's that have been MIA for weeks, several of my wooden spoons that were also missing and no one knew where they were, one whole red potatoe(i have no idea how it managed to leave the kitchen and make it under my chair but some how it did!), a few toys and one beloved itchy chihuahua (one of sweet pea's favorite stuffed animals that for some reason she thought itchy would be a good name). So now after throwing things away(yes the potatoe) and sweeping away dust bunnies, my house is extra clean! I can't believe my baby is going to be one! (but thank God he is or else the potatoe would have been an issue in the next few weeks!) I realize I am more blessed than I deserve and thank God everyday for a wonderful family. So for now it's off the computer to do some more party planning. Until my next adventure.... JFowler

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