Monday, October 12, 2009

something new...

So I've decided to start a blog. It's not like I have nothing else to do but I think it would be fun to tell all the stories that my family goes through! I have so many especially since i live in a house full of type A personalities and comedians! For starters my sweet hubby is the king of one liners! He always has something to funny to say about everything! He is just amazing! Sweetpea is my little drama queen! She is passionate about everything. She also has the gift of gab. She talks from sun up to sun down, she even talks in her sleep! Sweetiepie is my little mommy. She loves to take care of babydolls or her siblings (which ever is available!). She also has her moments of drama- but i'm starting to think that is just a girl for you! Last but not least is the boy! He is just that all boy! He is as wide open as a case knife and always giving his sisters problems! I've always heard of boys eating ALL the time- but silly me thought we wouldn't see that until he was a teenager, boy was I wrong! I really don't know where he puts it! All three of my kids are the most loving children and always concerned about their siblings! It really amazes us! I know God has a mighty plan for them! I guess that's all for now, it's lunch time and if they don't eat soon- the meltdown will begin! Trust me it won't be pretty! Until next time- JFOWLER

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