Monday, October 19, 2009

Yes, I Still Get Butterflies.....

I was once asked, before my husband and I were married, if I still got butterflies when I saw him like I did when we were first engaged. Of course my answer was yes! I was in complete shock that the question was even asked. When I asked my friend why she asked that she replied that her mom didn't get butterflies any more with her dad. She said after 15 years or so she was, in more words, content. Now in my opinion being content is great but I was worried. What if the butterflies went away. What if we drifted from each other and things wouldn't be as good as at that very moment. Well fast forward five and a half years and I have the answer to those questions. The first answer, yes I still get butterflies when that awesome man of God walks in the room. My heart flutters when he calls me on the phone just to say I've been missing you today. My head still spins when he kisses me. The second answer is we are closer than we have ever been. The times and trials we have been through have made us inseparable. I can't stand when we aren't together and neither can he. Every moment is better than the last. Six years ago I was given a question that I was unsure( but faithful)if it would remain the same. Today I know beyond any doubt that every day will be better than the last. We may have issues but God gets us through them. We may have a bad day but we lift each other up. God knows we may be wrong a lot but we never tear each other down. So my new outlook on the question do you still get butterflies when you see your husband, my answer will always be: you better believe it! Until next time: JFowler

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