Thursday, October 15, 2009

My little big girl.....

My little sweetpea is almost four years old! I can't believe time has went by this fast! I was holding her last night and thinking how much she has changed. Over the course of three and a half years she has gone from a beautiful black haired blue eyed baby to a beautiful blond haired blue eyed little girl(her hair changed colors on it's own people-i'm not a crazy toddlers and tiara's stage mom who tries to make her 3 yr old look like she's 25-eeewww!). She went from, as all babies do, from a little bity drooling, gas filled, spit-up queen, bundle of joy to a taller than most kids her age, smart as a whip, potty trained(can you hear the hallelujah chorus? because i can!) little girl! She knows the abc's, how to count to 20, how to count to 10 in spanish, she knows all her colors in 2 languages, and has an imagination like you would not believe! She is so amazing! Am i bragging on my oldest child-you better believe it! Now don't get me wrong, i'm in no way playing favorites. What kind of mother would i be if i had a favorite child?(psst, not a very good one, of course!) In spending a little alone time with just her last night made me realize how time really does fly. I realize I only have my kids for a season and one day they will be on the road God sees fit for them and I cherish every moment I have with my babies. I am so thankful for my little sweetpea, my sweetiepie, and my boy and the joy and craziness that they bring to our lives! Until my next revelation JFowler

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  1. My goodness she looks so much like you!! Too cute! They do grow SO fast!


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