Friday, October 16, 2009

rub a dub dub 3 piggies in my tub.....

I know this pic doesn't go with the tub story but I'm anti-naked pics especially on the net!

Bath time at the Fowler house. There is no more of an eventful time at out house than bath and bed time. You would think after almost 4 years of bathing children it would get easier and a lot less messy. Well that's what I get for thinking! Bath time usually starts a little while after the kids eat supper and have had time to play. One parent would give the bath while the other would catch( which is exactly what it is since they are like slippery little fish) and get them dressed for bed. We use to put all 3 of them in the bath at once and did that prove itself a bad idea! We ended up just as wet as they did and a lot less clean! Not to mention the fact that the boy would try and sit on his sisters,which doesn't work since he would slide off their legs and straight into the water.(This is where I would have a slight heart attack because I thought he was drowning only to realize that he is laughing......hysterically.) So on top of the boy giving me heart attacks, sweetiepie would so nicely poor water over her head, causing her to loose her breath, and then so thoughtfully she would poor water over the boys head....that's right causing mommy to scream thinking yet again someone was drowning. Meanwhile sweetpea would try to lay down on her back in the tub where there is little room to move much less to lay down(especially with her long legs that stretch from here to eternity!) Then the fighting begins. While sweetpea is trying to lie down someone pulls her hair as hard as possible(that's right the boy!), sweetie pie is pouring water over her face and no one has been washed yet! Well the good news is we have now successfully found the right way to give them bath' at a time! This is not an amazing revelation, in fact it is so simple I'm a little ashamed to say we should have thought of this earlier! But just like the Luvs live and you learn! So now we go from youngest to oldest, one parent gives the bath and the other catches and dresses. While this is a much easier way to give three dirty piggies... I mean babies..... a bath we still end up wet(although not head to toe like before!) but hey, how can you not get a little wet when that's part of the fun! Until my next adventure....JFowler

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