Sunday, February 7, 2010

January it was good month after all.....

After having a house full of sick children for the majority of January, I was beginning to think that it wasn't a very good month. Then I had a change of heart. While I was downloading pictures from my camera to my computer, I realized that January was actually a pretty good month.(and yes I only download my pictures once a month, I should do it more often but hey, you know how that goes!) Even though we made about a dozen trips(OK maybe not a dozen but very close to it!)to the doctor's office and eight different prescriptions(yes eight!) between all three children looking back at the pictures of my three beautiful babies, it wasn't so bad after all! We had a couple of family movie nights, played with Mimi and Paw, watched Paw fix the front door(and even tried to help...even though I'm sure he didn't need help especially from the tornado triplets!), had an indoor picnic in our pj's, and was even able to go outside and ride the new bikes Santa gave them for Christmas once or twice when the sun peaked out. Even though at some moments I thought that snot would be an everyday occurrence for the rest of my life and at others I thought that I may not make it through another day of whiny sick kids and watching Nick Jr. until my eyes popped out of my head, today I realize, it wasn't so bad and I did indeed survive. Just like my backed up laundry, I took it one day at a time and look it's all done and put away....unlike my laundry, that is still backed up!
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