Monday, February 1, 2010

Not Me Monday........

It's Monday and I am blessed to have another one with my wonderful husband and beautiful babies. I did not pretend my son was asleep this morning while he was crying from his bed at 5:30 this morning, hoping that it was a dream. I did not let out a happy sigh when he did go back to sleep. I did not let out an unhappy sigh when he woke back up ten minutes later. I did not go back to sleep with my 15 month old in my husbands recliner for a little 2o minute nap. I was awaken to find the boy grinning from ear to ear right in my face. I most certainly did not do a happy dance on Saturday when I went to the theater see The Book of Eli with my husband....alone!(Thanks to Mimi and Paw for watching the kids!) I did not turn into one of those women who rolls their eyes and does not understand why you would bring a two year old to an R rated movie. Not me. I also did not let out a huge sigh when the two year old threw a fit in the middle of the movie. Not ME!!!! I did not do another happy dance and clap my hands in delight(And I still do not know where my girls get that from!)when I found out that I would get to watch not 1, not even 2, but 3 full hours of the best(and my favorite) show ever Lost! I most certainly did not. I will not stay in my PJ's until after lunch today, because that is not the only time I can shower without my children destroying something! My children, destroying something? Not my children! I was not smart and actually wrote this post while one child was still asleep and while the other 2 played/watched cartoons for a few minutes. Not Me and not on a Monday!

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