Friday, January 29, 2010

Are you sure it's not monday?...

Because it sure feels like a Monday. A very bad Monday morning. It's barely 8:30 am, and already it has been more fun than a barrel of monkeys on a rainy day. It started with Sweetie Pie waking up at 6:15 am crying, no screaming for her cup. I thought something was seriously wrong the way she let out that glass breaking scream(I mean an opera singer would be so proud of her!) So after I shook the ringing out of my ears and gave her a cup of milk she so happily said " Hey mommy, can I watch tartoons?" Of course I told her...yes and to be very quite her brother and sister were still asleep. Well apparently her sister was awaken by the opera singer because as soon as the TV came on she was in my room in 30 seconds." Can I watch cartoons too, mommy?" Sweet Pea asked. I told her yes but please be quite your brother is still........awake. So now it's 6:30 and the entire party of circus clowns are awake and grumpy. Sweet Pea is whining wanting to know why the sun isn't out, Sweetie Pie is crying because her ears are hurting, and the boy is crying because he is not the only one in my lap. Good Morning world it is now 6:32 a.m. and I am uncertain if I will survive until nap time. Everyone is whining, crying, they want breakfast, then they don't want breakfast and then they cry because the boy is eating the breakfast they didn't want. Even while writing this post they are fighting over a baby doll stroller.....all three of them. So if I survive until nap time, I will write another post today and if not.....I pray your morning goes better than mine!!

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