Thursday, January 21, 2010

I think I'm loosing the battle....

And no, not a real battle. I was trying to convince my lovely husband that I could handle living in a cold, wintry place like Alaska, but I think I'm loosing the battle. Why, you ask? I like the snow. I like having a fireplace going all the time. But I think the real reason is I hate to be hot. It's not so much the warm weather as the, I'm melting because it's 102 degrees in the shade and if I don't get in the air soon, someone will die. Oh, you mean why am I loosing the battle? One word...sickness. Yup, that sums it up! I can't handle all the snot and hacking coughs that come with the cold. Well, it's not so much the snot as the fact that I can't stand for my babies to be sick and miserable. I feel so bad when they're sick, all I can do is love them and snuggle up next to their snotty little faces!(Which seems to work pretty well most of the time,if I do say so myself!) This only gives Micah an advantage in his argument to move some where warmer. All though I must say Hawaii does sound nice.(And for those of you wondering, no we are not moving any time soon, these are just dreams floating around our heads!) Anyway, we had to take the kids BACK to the doctor yesterday. They have a new bug on top of the old bug from last week. So we are now on meds for 5 more days for the girls and the boy is on a stronger med because his little ears are worse than last week! Poor babies!*sigh* You know the more I think about it, warmer is sounding better and better everyday they are sick. Just don't tell my husband he's right, he hates it when I tell him that!(OK, I hate it when I tell him that!;).......Jessica


  1. LOL. I hope your babies get to feeling better. I love your blog layout! Sorry you're losing the battle against your Hubby being right. :P

  2. I hope those babies feel better soon! Love the new look of the blog!

  3. I saw your comment on my Not Me! and decided to visit, and was immediately drawn in when I read how 'deal with life and laundry, one load at a time'. How true, sweet, and funny at the same time. I think I'll be coming back for more!! So nice to 'meet' you and your beautiful family :)



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