Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Long Time, No Blog....

It has been a while since I've blogged about our wonderful life on the Lane. Although, this past week and a half hasn't been the best of weeks but it's still good. As always we had our normal, why are all you sheets off the bed, where did you put your brother's paci, why do you insist on running around the house naked, five loads of laundry in one day, week. But to add to our normal family life, (aka the Fowler circus) all three of my kids were sick with sinus junk and ear infections which resulted in a trip to the doc's office with all three...at the same time. They were actually pretty good considering they were sitting in the waiting room with only an infomercial to entertain them for over an hour. Of course the boy would make the occasional run for the door and travel over to the well kids waiting room. (SOAP BOX: by the way, why do they have two separate waiting rooms when you have to enter the same door, write your name with the same pen, and go into the same examining rooms? They don't come through and Lysol anything! Isn't the point to cut down on spreading germs?) Anyway.... So after being in the doctor's office for a total of three hours, we took our three antibiotics and children home and hibernated for another week. So we all had cabin fever and did I mention no sleep? Enter the wonderful cough that sounds like you children have turned into dog's. Oh the joys of parenthood. But the good news is everyone is better for the most part and after I finally got caught up on laundry everything is back to normal. Well, you know the Fowler family normal. Until the next circus act.....JFowler


  1. Normal is a relative term! Our normal is certainly NOT normal for others! You have precious children, Jessica.

  2. Thank You! Your kids are precious also! I love reading your blog. I can realate so much! :)You are right, our normal is not normal for others!!


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