Friday, September 3, 2010

Nap time....You gotta love it!

I love nap time. You can read all about what I do at nap time here. I so enjoy nap time. My kids are happier, I'm happier. What's that saying, "If momma ain't happy ain't nobody happy?" I think this is true. Anyway, the part I love most about nap time is the beautiful, sweet(because they are sleeping!) children that look so peaceful when I sneak in the rooms to take pictures of them.
Like Sweetie Pie, falling asleep in the middle of her messy bedroom, with her leg crossed, naturally!

Or the boy, who falls asleep on his big sister's bed because hey, what better way to keep her out of her own room?!

Or this Sweet Pea here, who poses for every photo, even when she is suppose to be resting.(Notice her leftover lunch on her face...)
Or plays with ponies and apparently toy guns and cowgirl hats
Then she lines her ponies up on the window sill, just as perfect as possible...I wonder if she shot them with the toy gun first?

Nap gotta love it! I sure do!

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